Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


My controller arrives today. Amazon shipped yesterday. Woohoo!


Somebody jumped the gun…


Is this the first image of the bottom that we’ve seen.

and back


They should’ve offered atomic purple. But it actually looks cool when lit up like that.


Looks nice and clean. I wonder if someone will work to discolor part of it so it more closely matches a SNES. :wink:


Ooo nice! I read threw it, it’s definitely written by someone who doesn’t really understand how anything works and isn’t trying to apeal to the hardcore community but it’s nice to see the praise!

“Since the Super Nt uses SNES hardware and cartridges rather than emulation to play its games, the presence of two clearly digital games on the system is a bit strange.”


Jesus @ that quote.

But that’s what you get with not just casuals and regular gamers, but also some retro gamers who gravitate towards emulators and cheap clones. The comments sections of some Super NT videos were total shit.


Holy crap, do 12 seconds of research, literal paid professional tech journalist guy.

It’s stuff like that that makes me realise so much of what we read in the news is delivered by lazy or dumb people who misrepresent things. When you’re an expert on a certain topic you almost always hear false reporting of it if it makes the news.


It kills me when I see “influencers” in our community recommending shit devices like the retron and the retrode that are literally stealing and profiting from others work.

It makes me wonder why they even got a review unit. Is Analog hoping to reach the mainstream gamer with their hardcore product? I really can’t see any casual player understanding or caring about the difference between emulator and FPGA.


I’ll pretty much only trust Jeremy Parish’s review and the opinions I read here. I’ll trust ResetEra posters with a grain of salt, too.


I trust more than just him. I would probably trust the My Life in Gaming guys and John from DF more. Parish knows his shit no doubt. But I find him to be an expert on games and I find the others I mentioned to be experts on hardware (they may be experts on games but that is not why I come to them in general).


I’m looking forward to the real reviews of it on Wednesday instead of that rather shallow one posted above.


I look forward to @Dark1x 's breakdown and I can’t wait for speedrunners to get their hands on it. If the speedrunning community approves it you know that means its frame perfect.


That’s true! I guess I really meant to say there are only a handful of people I really trust to review stuff like this. The list is rather short.

EDIT: Aaaand it looks like not only does the PC Mag writer not know much about hardware, he also doesn’t know much about how embargoes work. Page is taken down.


Yeah I was going to say, emulator authors and single game experts will be the ones to judge the FGPA implementation with the most authority.


Analog posted on AtariAge that everyone’s shipments go out on the 7th and they’re using UPS ground. They gave estimates, those on the west coast will get it in 1 - 2 days. Those of us on the East Coast will have to wait 4 - 7 days. 40 fucking dollars for shipping and it’s going to take a week. That’s bullshit. I just shipped a much larger and heavier console for 18 bucks and it was there in 2 days. Why the fuck are they not doing USPS priority.


Sounds like they’re profiteering on postage.



Glad I didn’t pay them $80 now. I knew that wasn’t right.


Definitely making money on shipping then. UPS should be like $10 max. I figured it was overnight if they were charging that much. It almost had to be. No way it costs that much to ship this console at that size.

They really need to think about fixing that or it’ll be a big black eye and it’s already a deterrent judging by the post above me.


The shipping to Canada was ~$40 which made me second guess it combined with our garbage dollar.

I’ll never understand why I can order a console from Japan and get free shipping yet from the states it always costs an arm and a leg.