Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


They are charging a premium for east coast if it’s $40 but it probably costs about $20-25 + residential address on each order is $5-10 plus packing material (ups charges a ton for residential addresses). I don’t think you guys know what shipping costs now with ups. High ticket items needed to be insured. Then the box, packing materials and labor. USPS isn’t viable due to it being being impossible to file an insurance claim. Residential and rural deliveries can add up quick. Also if the customer puts in the wrong address ups charges $13 to correct it or will return it to you and you can’t get that back. I would say depending on the customer back east you are looking at maybe $8-12 over what it cost to actually ship, unless they don’t do the volume and are hiring a 3rd party to help when shipping happens which includes labor.

UPS has a few speeds. Ground which is what is the default, 3 day, 2 day, next day and next day am. 2 day going from California to New York on a 3 lb package can cost $65+. It’s really funny hearing people talk about shipping because Amazon spoiled all of you.


If this was the case everything you ordered from everyone would ship UPS, and that just isn’t happening.

Amazon didn’t spoil everyone, I get shit from a ton of places and none of them use UPS, because it’s stupidly expensive. I just shipped a colecovision in a much larger box than this will come in, insured, weighing 5 lbs, for 18 bucks and that was 2 day.


As much as it irks me and I want to assume they’re being greedy, this sounds about right. They must be using a third party company to help move the large number of units in a timely fashion and to help with logistics, tracking, lost items/replacements and returns, general customer service/complaints, labor itself, etc. That must cost quite a bit. I really don’t think they’re pocketing the majority of the shipping fee. And it may be fair to say what it costs any one of us to send or receive a package in a small, one-time buyer/seller interaction isn’t a 1:1 comparison to what they’re trying to get done.

I think what it comes down to is that Analogue is a small company but the volume they need to move just starts to become an expensive problem – one in which they cannot subsidize the cost in the way we’ve grown accustomed when buying from most mid to large sized companies. Reasons being because they can’t afford it, they don’t have the efficiency of a larger company, they don’t have the volume or deals in place with third parties (mail houses, shipping companies) to help bring down costs, and/or because the per unit profit just isn’t enough to swallow the costs. End result is that now most, if not all, of the costs of shipping are being passed on to us.


Here’s a DHL transit time calculator.


Here is the thing. If you have your own ups account like i do. I ship about 3-20 ups packages a day. I also ship about the same in postal flat rate boxes. I assume everything that goes USPS is gone. I don’t expect to get any money back if something happens. However, that is usually small stuff that doesn’t cost me a whole lot.

When I ship expensive stuff, USPS can’t handle the size sometimes (a lot of 50-80 lb boxes).

You get a discount based on volume so I get a certain discount. Analogue won’t have this because they only ship a few times a year. This means that have to contract with someone to ship their packages or they have to pay for months of unused UPS fees.

BUT BUT BUT Kawika I went to the UPS store and shipped XYZ for $15 (I know you didn’t take the extra insurance). Yes you did. You also got the bulk rate that UPS gives the maximum discount for the UPS store. When you ship from your own company you have a lot of things you worry about. If you get 1 digit off or typo that is $10-15 bucks (if they even bother fixing it). Sometimes they will mark you with an improper address and ship it back to you and charge you the incorrect address fee. UPS only covers $100 for insurance so you have to pay for that. Now assume you live in a rural area. You got a rural delivery fee which can be anywhere from $1-5 on the box the size the Super NT is likely to be.

He is most likely paying another company, that company is charging what I would charge plus their handling fee. For Canadian shipments, he is probably driving it across the border since he is local and shipping it from Canada (or again hired someone to do it). IF he is shipping to Canada, he isn’t using UPS for those shipments.

I am not trying to defend them. I am trying to open people’s eyes to the cost that things actually are on UPS. In my opinion, UPS is pretty much the easiest company to make a claim with and that is probably why its being used in the US.


That’s some good insight into the other side of the shipping game. I’ve been spoiled by Amazon.

Back on topic, something like this will be a true test of the super NT. If it handles this the same as the original console I will be impressed


I fully expect it will do exactly the same thing, no problem.


Just got my 8Bitdo matching controller in black.

Good news: It looks fantastic! Wireless on SNES feels like a dream. D-pad feels good!

Bad news: Definite input lag. Did A B testing with a wired pad on a CRT and it’s quite noticeable which is quite a shame. Well I guess I’ll use it for RPGs…


Holy shit, NT Mini consoles are selling for £800/$1200+ on eBay. I knew I should have bought two.


I really hope they do a plastic version of the NES version of things. The Super Nt is generating some buzz. They really should consider revisiting that down the road.


Well, there’s always the very real possibility of the NT Mini cores being added to an unnoficial Super NT firmware by kevtris. Wouldn’t play carts though of course.


True. I guess it’s likely we’ll see some of that stuff eventually for the Super Nt. I just really like plugging in the carts! :smiley:


That’s my hope. I missed the nt mini and since I play everything off an everdrive I don’t care about plugging the cart in.

Second wave is up for pre order. Shipping March 1


Yeah. I’m not fussed at all about SNES ROM loading in a jailbreak - there’s no way in hell it’d beat what the SD2SNES offers. But having GBC and such on it would be very convenient

If all the NT Mini cores are ported, I’d have to seriously consider selling mine. I have a whole load of Famicom carts but they’re more decoration than anything!!


I really wish they would do an all-in-one-box so that I could use carts or everdrives from all the consoles I own. If I could have 1 device that could handle all my 8-16 bit stuff I would be stoked. Even still, the SD card loader on my nT Mini is a little slow and I still prefer to use the ED. But if I were completely honest, I never use my carts most of the time because it’s just easier to leave a flash cart plugged in.


Has anybody heard of any bugs besides the issue with Marvelous?


None. But then again, reviews aren’t out until tomorrow.

In any case, I have faith in Kevtris.


I have no doubt it will be a quality product. I’m just waiting until all the 1.0 is worked out.


Pretty sure it’s way beyond that from what Kevtris has been saying on atariage. It’s been in testing for a while now, including help from the mlig guys

But it’s always wise to wait, especially with unreleased hardware


I was the one who found the bug with Castlevania 3. I emailed Kevtris with a work around (use a game genie) and he fixed it that week. Just seeing what I did to get it working made a light bulb go off in his head and he knew what was required to fix it. I tend to be pretty good at trying different things till i find something that works but the brain that person posses is something I can’t imagine having.