Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


What was the problem with Castlevania 3?


This shows you basically what happened. Castlevania 3 wouldn’t do shit on the NT & it worked on my NES first try. So I showed how to work around it and sent it to Kevtris.


Oh I remember this. This was on the original NT, right?


Yeah. Analogue asked me to take the video down. I said, I didn’t feel right taking it down but I updated the video with the info about patching it. I didn’t think it hurt his reputation too much. I felt actually, the update made the product better.


He said in his Polygon interview that they’ve “managed to fix all bugs through firmware updates on the super NT” so I imagine there will be a few, like cv3, that slip through the cracks.


MLiG said their video will be live at 11am EST, is that the time everyone else will also be putting them up?


I’ve heard similar elsewhere on twitter, and the timing seems right.

I’m wondering what time shipping emails will go out…! Still hopeful I’ll get this in the UK on Friday like how my NT Mini took two days!


I find the resetera thread quite comical. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t know what kevtris is/is not doing next, or what he wants to do next, or what he ate for breakfast.

I’m looking forward to reviews tomorrow! I’ll be traveling most of the day so it will be a nice way to relax when I’m done.




That soon? You live near their shipping location?!


I live in Los Angeles. Everything ships here fast. :confused:


I haven’t gotten any indication mine shipped yet. Anyone else still waiting?


It’s only just 6am in Nevada, so I’d expect nothing for at least another hour.


True. Was just going by Kawika’s post above. No worries. I’ll relax and enjoy the snow and ice. :slight_smile:


Heh yeah! It’ll happen soon enough!

Under two hours left until embargo end!


Metal Jesus put his “review” up.

Let me summarize like I did on RE.

MJR: “There are a bunch of settings but I’m not gonna show or explain any of them, instead I’m just gonna play games to show it works.”


Clear console looks good!


Sounds like a MJR video. Does it play any hidden gems like SMW or ALTTP??


I like MJR, but dude it cracks me up when they recommend a game. You should totally play this game (Reggie adds, yeah I’ve played 3 levels and I can’t wait to play more).

I felt I learned nothing from it. He did point out that bennvenn had a chip that I didn’t know existed last week so that has me pumped to finish my gba mod.


I love it. Watch a top 10 video and he will say “yeah I just played it for a few minutes before we recorded this and it seems really fun”


Edit: looks like cinnemassacre also broke embargo. I can’t watch the video but here it is.