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RGB310 :: Super Nt (w/ Kevtris) - MY LIFE IN GAMING


damn that’s an impressive piece of kit. absolutely love the interpolation and gamma boost options, looks like they have thought of everything.


Watching Jeremy Parish’s video next. Too bad DF Retro’s won’t be up until Sunday.


That My Life In Gaming video is really well produced and is a great reference for some of those settings when the console arrives. Very cool!


Anyone got a shipping ref yet?

Mine is DHL UK fwiw


Unsurprisingly that was a fantastic video. MLiG’s production keeps getting better and better and Kevtris is a fascinating dude.

I was watching on a phone but the NT looked noticeably better then the 1 chip


Looks incredible.

I can’t wait to be able to play my Super Game Boy 2, at the correct GB ratio, scaled to fit without any lag, artifacts or blur - along with the expansion audio being processed as direct digital audio through hdmi.

Donkey Kong 94 here we gooooooooo


Super Game Boy 2… is it region locked?


Nope. Well, it doesn’t work well in PAL consoles. But it works in all NTSC models, and of course the Super NT. The standard SGB plays GB games based on the SNES clock speed resulting in it being just under 3% faster along with framepacing issues. The SGB2 has its own timing crystal meaning it’s 1:1 with the actual gameboy. Also, you have a brand new selection of borders plus all the SGB1 ones too.

Also it’s fucking awesome to look at, plus link cable support:



If people want to watch other reviews you can check out Analogue’s twitter account because they’re retweeting reviews from different outlets. I’ve watched the MLiG and Parish videos so I think I’m good until the DF Retro one on Sunday.


Thanks for the info! I think I need to track one of those down…


If the super nt becomes the definitive way to play donkey kong 94 I’ll have to buy it just for that.


Do it while you can…they’re steadily going up in price. I bought mine for a tenner a few months back and now it’s double that.


I still don’t know what colour I want. Deciding is hard.


pretty much guaranteed it will be! 1:1 scaling (no 4:3 stretching) as an option, noiseless audio and full-screen scaling with no blur or artifacts like you get with even with an RGB SNES Jr and an OSSC.

DK 94 has been a favourite of mine for years and years. Wario Land and Game Boy Gallery (UK/AUS only) were the first games I got on my Game Boy (first console I owned) back in 1994 and then DK 94 was the next. The moment I got to Big City and realised I had only beaten a tiny fraction of the game was unmatched until later that year when I got to the Dark World in Link to the Past on my new SNES…


Oh my goodness. I had the same reaction. I am very excited to play mine tonight.

Chris is a fan of sega so I am guessing that the next step is some sort of super genesis that also probably will play Gen/MG & 32x games. Here is where I start to image what is possible. Will they do a Sega CD? Master System? Game Gear? time will tell. Hearing that Kev thinks you can do PS1 & Neo Geo. My wish is that they keep making all the good systems. Living in a post CRT world, it makes me happy that these systems are a thing.


After watching the MLIG video I’m going to buy a Super NT some time this year.


I only discovered it last year when I got into donkey kong the arcade game. I had finished backlighting my GBC and was looking for some games to play and saw “donkey kong” on my everdrive. Like everyone else I loaded it up thinking it was just a port of the arcade game. Instead what a found was a beautiful puzzle platformer that I loved from start to finish


I do remember getting absolutely stuck on world 3/ship - there’s a section where you have to lure an enemy onto the spikes using some blocks and then ride it to the key. Took me a seriously long time to work that one out. but hey, I was 6!


I bought Donkey Kong '94 on 3DS Virtual Console because I had always heard it was good and people were raving when it appeared on there. Like everyone else, I was blown away by what came after those first few levels. Wow.