Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


I struggled with the choice tbh, but since I planned to buy imports for this one, that made the decision for me. Plus I have a NA SNES on the Trinitron already.

Looking forward to next Tuesday!

Stay positive people. These guys are shipping on a larger scale than ever before I think. They’re learning lessons too, I’m sure.


I’d love to say I’ve had a better experience with Canada post but I can’t. I’ve lost at least 4 packages I can remember off the top of my head. The last scan on all of them was “arrived at destination country CA” unfortunately 2 of them were from play asia and 1 from Ali express and both refused to refund me. The 4th was from Nintendo who promptly sent me out a replacement with next day shipping for free even though it wasn’t their fault!


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Some DHL orders have been shipped UPS due to address issues with DHL. If you paid extra for Express 2-day, please contact and we’ll refund you the difference. Thanks for bearing with us- you’ll get your unit soon :slight_smile:

yeah that’s bullshit. DHL had no issues delivering my NT Mini two months back to my UK address. I also paid extra for the DHL express service and should have got that.





they’ve issued a response to my tweet, and it’s a bit extensive and now I feel bad for moaning:

I do honestly feel like their choice of logistics company fucked them over. It’s a massive amount of orders, more than analogue could deal with alone, but technicolor/whoever are obviously absolute bellends


I ordered both the NT Mini & The SNT ($23.50 shipping for both) in the same order. Both of mine came without issue. However, their back end must be fucking up like crazy because i have gotten 3-4 emails & text updates. I swear, I thought they were reshipping my NT again.


my phone’s been going crazy. I’ve received eight texts in the past half an hour from them, and each one is pointless.

It’s especially pissing me off because my daughter is in hospital right now and every text I get could be about her.


Hopefully this is the last time they use this company, because they’ve been pretty terrible and Rich fingers and everything crossed your little one is ok!


Yep. It reflects terribly on Analogue

And thanks! my daughter should be out by the end of today I hope. I’m off down there in a bit to take over from her mother, and I’ve been asked by my daughter to bring “fire girl and light girl” to watch

(pyra and mythra - xenoblade 2. I give her a random controller and she plays along)


That’s super cute! Hope everything goes well!


Have had that happen so many times that I now have to just wait near the door on days when I really need a delivery that will be signature only. Like I will have to listen for someone walking on my porch since they don’t even knock before dropping the slip and running off anymore.

What is more worrying to me is how many of my packages look like someone just threw them around and/or stomped on them. I’ve never even filed a complaint or talked to the delivery people other then a wave or signing for something so it’s not payback or anything.


I’m glad that I live in the UK and that leaving parcels on a porch without prior consent from the customer is basically grounds for dismissal.


I hope everything is ok. Having a kid sick in the hospital is the worst. My son spent his first 7 weeks of his life in the NICU. Keep your head up.


Rich, best of luck to your daughter. And best of luck with the shipping, man needs his FPGA!

Our regular UPS Pickup driver at my office is a right asshole. I’ve had to pull him aside and talk to him on a couple occasions for yelling and being a dick to my staff.


This was my last delivery from Canada post. I even had to pick it up from the post office and I asked what the hell happened to it.


Wait, was that a box at one point?


Back home with my daughter (6am…) But all is well (chest infection, course of antibiotics given)

Also came back to a shipping update. Cleared customs in the US and scheduled for delivery 15th. Works out well for me as I’m off work that day. Still not best pleased about it all but it’s not analogue’s fault. And eh, I still have an SFC Jr and OSSC so I’m not exactly snes-less…


I saw that video. The chunky guy talks so much crap I can’t help but laugh at him.


I’m in Japan. Mine came direct via DHL express. It’s in Osaka now so should be with me in a day, I hope.


Mines 45 minutes down the road and wont get delivered until Monday,damn. I dont know why I’m so excited to try this,I could just hook up my SNES to the OSSC and have the same experience,lol. New tech lust I guess.