Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


I am sorry in advance to post 5 almost the same picture. I know it might be harder to tell using my camera & dealing with google photos/website compression, but why don’t we give it a shot

All Shot on my Sony 800d 43 VA Panel 4K @ 1080p (or 1200p)

Let’s start with the least impressive

Super NT @ 1080p - 5x Integer scaling - vertical interpolation disabled.

Hybrid “Better Scan lines”

Normal Scan Lines

Super NT @ 720p - 3x Integer scaling - vertical interpolation disabled w/ scanlines (I think I used normal)

Now for my favorite Super NT Setting

Super NT @ 1080p - 5x Integer scaling - vertical interpolation disabled - No Scanlines

I think the color in this mode is amazing. Might be hard to tell because my camera might be adding a color variation or HDR (if I forgot to turn it off) but there is something about the scanlines that ruins the color even if i turn on gamma boost.

SNES Mini @ 1200p - True 5x Integer scaling (no cropping) - OSSC Scanlines @ 30

In my opinion. The OSSC 5x @ 1200p on my 4K is the probably the sharpest looking with scanlines that don’t look like crap. Yes, its not CRT good but I quite like it. Short of that, I think I would much rather play the Super NT mini with scan lines off. I am going to move it to the living room so I can play on the 65" 4K.

Maybe I am getting too into the weeds for my scan line on a fixed pixel display but it’s what I like.


Mine is on the move. It went from NV to CA on the 6th/7th and left CA for its next stop last night at 8:30. I have not ever received an e-mail with a tracking number but the number is listed on UPS’ website and I can track it there via UPS My Choice.

I hope everyone else is as lucky as me.

This is their shipper in the US…

…who own Webgistix. That’s the US company they bought to get into the US.


@Socksfelloff dude you better hurry up.


Wow, a lot quicker than the first batch. All the launch day media really sent hype and demand through the roof.


There does seem to be insane hype surrounding this thing.


Or the second shipment is a lot smaller than the first. I finally placed my order today and I’m in the 97xx range. Someone in the RE thread said they were in the 82xx range in the first batch.


finally got a tracking number…and it’s UPS international, not DHL. eh?

Doesn’t look like UPS has actually received it yet either. but ah well its a start.


Good point. If they sold out entirely they underestimated demand and could have made the second batch a bit bigger.


The second wave is likely slight overstock and cancelled orders. The SFC might be a popular option in Japan and Europe and w/ American enthusiasts. Let’s see how stock plays out with the NA SNEs & Clear models. I’m going to assume those are going to be the least popular. I still think the Purple & White looks great.


I’m guessing they’ll eventually settle on one of them to continue producing and the rest will be retired mainly to lower costs even more.


I’m not made of money but I legit want the NA color too. I can manage to resist the urge


Oh now I’m getting pissed off

Received a tracking number last night, for UPS, but no update as to whether the parcel had actually been put into distribution or not. Just a minute ago I got a text and email from analogue informing me of a change to my order:

This is a fucking joke.


I bet they’ve not even been near your house.


I’ve literally caught my postman walk up to my door with the “sorry we missed you” slip. He didn’t even bring the package with him.

I ran out and flagged him down and got my package then called in a complaint.


The parcel hasn’t even been received by UPS in America…

. And I’m in the UK.


I’m in the UK too. Unrelated but I’ve been watching an item I bought from eBay witch is being shipped using their Global Shipping Programme and it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s amazing anything he’s delivered at all, the amount of time or changes hands. And of course as soon as it reached the UK everything went silent. FFS


I’m in the States and haven’t received any notification that my order has gotten out. I was hopeful it would at least get to m y door by today or Saturday, but now have no clue if it’s even on the way.

Analogue retweeted someone in Germany getting their order this morning. Good for them I guess. :neutral_face:

Okay, signed in to my UPS account. Scheduled delivery by end of day on Wednesday February 14… that’s some bullshit.


They’ve got places to be! Can’t be bothered to ring the bell on every house they have packages for or else they’d never get to them all.


My uncle is a postie and he just got out of doing the delivery and he’s working in the sorting facility now. He said it was just getting crazy with how much work they’re dumping on the guys and expect them to make every delivery.

Anyone who says the post office is dieing is out of their mind. They’ve never been busier.


I caught my local USPS man doing the same thing. An old bitter SOB probably near retirement who didn’t give a damn. He could have just rang the buzzer for me to come down and left the package on the ground, not even wait for me. But that would have required him to get the package out of the truck in the first place. He was walking with slips in hand. Piece of shit.

When I was at the local post office to pick up something and my package went missing, I called USPS for assistance and complained about how stuff goes missing, the pickup window goes unmanned for stretches of time, to complain about the delivery guy above, and how they don’t answer calls to the local office number on purpose (I confirmed what local reviews were saying about them keeping the line off the hook). The woman on the line got irate and gave me shit about how she was in USPS for life along with her husband who was a mailman for X number of years and she would hang up soon because she wouldn’t listen to me much longer putting down USPS and its workers, implying I was making up the stuff about the delivery guy too. It was unbelievable that she was neither willing to listen to real and valid criticisms of her employer, nor do something to help remedy the situation.