Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


I haven’t seen any reviews yet. So what’s the overall consensus? Works as advertised but a few frames of lag?


I’ve not seen anything mentioning any additional lag, actually the opposite. Most reviews make it a point to mention that there is no lag over stock SNES (aside from display and wireless controllers, etc.). With the zero-delay option I believe it actually tries to manipulate the framebuffer to skip ahead of the SNES, but I may be mixed up on that.


Just watched the DF Retro review. Wow, very thorough yet easy to follow. The device certainly lives up to the dream. I can’t imagine I won’t get one at some point … when they become available again.


I have the same processor and I play the Witcher 3 at 90+ fps @ 1440p and just about 60 frames in 4K if I turn a few things off. It’s amazing that the snes is still that intensive to emulate.

I’m finding that the Super NT is quickly becoming my favorite way to play the SNES. I’m not detecting any lag difference between my usual SNES mini + ossc. It’s a whole lot easier to set it up if I just want to game on the big screen. It became my living room system and I’m loving retro gaming on the ‘good’ tv. This love affair may fade after a while but every day since I got it, I play it instead of anything else and I’m really happy about that.


On the NT Mini, there’s a menu option for LED customisation. The centre/front LED options make sense and work fine, but I have clue what the controller LED screen is for. Nothing there seems to do anything, and the only controller LEDs I can think of are the 8bitdo ones. Any ideas?


the zero lag mode slows the snes emulation speed to 60.00hz from 60.09hz. this mode has no frame buffer at all.

the other two modes run at the consoles original speed. one with vsync (occasional stutter with lag) and no vsync (occasional stutter, screen tearing with variable input lag).


Is the difference of 0.09hz really all that noticeable?


not at all, its something like a 0.15% difference in speed.


That’s what I’d assume. Cool, sounds like the mode for me.

My super NT left the USA this morning! Almost here…


To the average user you’ll never notice it but for speed runners who arent using the in game clock it’s unusable.


I can imagine that. 5 laps at that small amount would make up to a big enough difference, even if it is only two or three seconds


It was in the MLIG review.


i always considered that small timing difference to be acceptable compared to stuttering or screen tearing. variable refresh rates with the new hdmi standard can’t come soon enough and consign these problems to history.


It’s an acceptable delay considering it eliminates screen tearing, stutter and additional input delay.

It’s just a complete deal breaker for any competitive game which outside of speed running I dont think there’s anything competitive played on a snes.


There’s an HDMI output board for the GBA that’s being released later this year that does the same thing, kinda. The GBA refresh rate is slightly lower than 60hz - so it’s sped up by a tiny fraction to match. It’s unnoticeable and stops any kind of lag, but it eliminates speedrunning.


Thanks for clearing that up, it seems like I heard mixed up reports on the buffering options. Of course I did watch like 5 reviews in a row so it all sort of blended together!

I agree that while I don’t like it in theory, the speed difference is small enough for me not to care when compared to lag, stuttering, and screen tearing.


It’ll be interesting to view it side by side with the real thing. When I get mine I’ll be sure to compare it against my SFC Jr and OSSC. I have two copies of Kirby Super Star, so I could boot both up and record them against eachother. As my SFC has a digital audio board wired up for direct optical output I could compare audio extremely accurately too. Something that I don’t think any of the reviews have done so far.


Like was said, it was the MLiG video. And it wasn’t 3 seconds over a race, it was 1 second difference over 10 minutes.



that’s even less! Makes the 0.09hz difference completely ignorable for the vast majority of players.


After five days MIA in transit via ground from California, my shipment showed up in Harrisburg today and will be delivered tomorrow. Slow boat for sure, but it’ll be nice to finally receive it!