Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


wait what, it hasn’t even left the USA yet?!


Thursday is fine though…but still!


Thank you! I’ll edit my post to avoid spreading misinformation


Its completely a non-issue. I think the compatibility chip they are talking about putting in SNES to help them work better with the OSSC does something to the signal. I wonder if it makes it 60 hz too. I haven’t read up on it but it makes me think that putting the signal into something a normal monitor or tv would recognize. If what I am assuming it does is correct, the speed running community couldn’t go snes to ossc via that chip too.

I was going to come here and correct that 3 seconds thing. Glad you did.


I was confusing the super Nt performance with my bedroom performance. Many apologies.


For the record. Is it 3 total seconds or just the 2 second differential?


The de-jitter fixes for NES and SNES do not change the refresh rate, just the length of a couple of scanlines. They still output 60.09hz.


The “transparent” Super Nt looks terrible and shame on them for using false images of a product. Good on them for offering a full refund though.

Looks like they goofed up on the Super Turrican box too:


Yooo that transparent system truly looks nothing like their shots on the site. Wonder what happened…

They don’t seem like the company to pull something like that, yet here we are.

Unfortunate about the box.


I’m sure it wasnt intentional. I’m sure they sent the design specs to the manufacturer and that’s what was delivered back to them but they should have been fully transparent about it and said “look guys here’s the situation and we are going to fix it” . No pun intended!


Well, like you said they sent it out as-is with no communication so maybe they hoped no one would complain.

My guess, and I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, is what you said, which is that the manufacturer didn’t produce them exactly as ordered. I have to imagine the NT team would have received a sample to approve though. But it’s still possible they approved a sample and that isn’t what the manufacturer delivered. It happens.

Either way once they knew what was being sent out they should have communicated to their customers what was up.

Let’s see how they handle it!


The frosted looks better to me.

Gloss clear actually looks really cheap and wears incredibly badly. Hence why pretty much all clear consoles are frosted like that (eg N64s).

Still, should match.


Like I posted on Reset, the pics on the site always showed it was frosted. Is it a bit darker because you’re not seeing it against an all white background? Yeah, but it was never completely clear.


Frosted looks fine. There’s always the option of spray painting the inside of the shell with a colour which could work well too. Maybe.

Either way it’s no different to the lower half of my N64 or my GBA.


At the end of the day what you “see” is not what you get, so I understand why some might be upset.

Lesson learned for the future when they have to do product shots of a frosted piece. Looks beautiful on the site, but if it’s not representative of what one is ordering then best to rethink the shoot, or offer even more photos, or a disclaimer.

Also, they refer to it as “transparent” not “frosted.”

I am curious to know if the piece they photographed is exactly what went out and it’s just the lighting and background that make it look different, or if it was a one-off piece for the photo shoot.


Pretty sure it was just a render.


Aw yes

It’s on its way! And yes, I’m just bored enough today to track the exact flight my console is on.


I got those three words from UPS that we all live for…



My Analogue Super NT finally came after spending days in Osaka. Nice unboxing video for anyone interested.


I personally don’t mind either way (got the SF version myself), but the actual unit does look significantly more opaque than the promo images. In the final unit, it’s a heavier frost with a whitish color cast. In promo shots, it’s a very clear frost with greater visibility at the inner components. There may be a couple of prerelease shots around that look more like the retail units, but the ones featured front and center on the site are misleading.


Looks like the jailbreak is out!

Someone please dump the turrican games please!