Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


The more I think about it the more I doubt there will be jailbreak firmware that allows more than SNES games to play on the Super NT. Analogue would be shooting itself in the foot for any future products.


Yep. I think their entire stance on extra cores/ROM loading changed the second they decided to go for a mass market price.


I think I heard Kevtris say that the highest a FPGA solution can currently go is Neo Geo. If I were Analogue I would be looking into a GameBoy/GBC system. A FPGA Neo Geo sold at a premium is also a possibility.


Well, he said it’s the best he could do on his own, at least, and with the current FPGA boards that are affordable enough to turn into a product.

But yeah, there’s no way that the Super NT will get additional cores that aren’t already available for the NT Mini. The market is too big for a lot of those systems, especially the Genesis. Though at this point, I’m wondering if the Super NT will even get those. I missed the boat on the NT Mini, and I really regret it. Feels bad.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the NT mini was redesigned to be more in line with the Super NT’s form factor and a $150-$175 price point.


Randomly buying the NT Mini on Christmas day was the best insane impulse purchase I’ve ever made.


I would drool over a portable with a screen that you could also dock to your TV at up to 7X but I know that would price it too high.


Nah, it wouldn’t. I imagine having a micro HDMI port would be trivial. Controllers via Bluetooth, I guess.

The main cost would be the screen, and at the quality analogue would aim for.


I think he said PS1 is the highest, with N64 out of the question for now.

I don’t expect any 16 bit cores on the NT, except maybe PCE ir Analogue thinks there isn’t a big enough market to dedicate an entire system for it. Also not expecting the NES core because, like you said, it’s possible they discontinued the NT Mini to work on a sub-$200 NES NT.


PCE won’t happen.

Unless I’m wrong, Kevtris has completely ruled out anything PCE/NEC due to how that community has treated him.

iirc he got personal threats.


The fuck… Why? A hardware purist thing?

Did they also threaten Krikzz and NeoSD?


Dunno about Krikzz, but the NEC hardcore are extremely hostile, and I guess it’s due to the collectors/hoarders feeling that their investment is being threatened.


He did indeed get chased out of the PCE community, but I do think he still wants to work on a PCE core. It’s on his list of systems he wants to simulate, though:


As someone who has an order in for NeoSD’s Super SD System 3 (PCE CD-ROM ODE), I can confirm that parts of that community are insanely hostile.


People with that mentality towards collecting are just being selfish idiots.

What about the actual gamers? You know… the kids and adults that actually want to play games. If they can’t afford that $300 copy of insert expensive game here, then they are just out of luck and should never play it. Get a grip. Having an alternative console on the market doesn’t decrease the value of the original hardware.


Assuming they weren’t viable threats, he should proceed to undermine them, among other good reasons.

I remember that Atari Age post now. Shame we could have probably had a PCE core by now. More recently he said it’s NES-like and wouldnt be too difficult. He must really be in no hurry. There’s a decent PCE core on the MiST so it’s been done before.


They’re worse than that. They’re a disgrace to the retro community and video game community at large. No one should be receiving threats (unless they are legal threats for allegations of unlawful conduct, but that is not the case here).

People should not be chased away from providing good legal alternatives for playing old games even if they’re not what you personally want.


Agreed… If people want to stick to collecting high quality games in perfect condition, I’m all for that. Each person will collect what they want. It’s the act of preventing others from playing games to better your own collection that really rubs me the wrong way.

It’s the same mentality that scalpers have. I’ll just buy up all these NES Classic Minis so I can make a buck, and little Jimmy can’t have one for Christmas.


I remember looking into every single one of those handheld emulation machines a decade ago. The PSP filled that itch for a while for me, but with this new stuff something amazing and actually acurate with good buttons could be made I’m sure.


Shady or not, scalpers/resellers just want to make money and will provide to whoever has the means and can pay the markup. On the other hand some hardcore collectors have a disturbing emotional connection to their respective scene. Not only do they not want affordable alternatives, they think it takes a special kind of person to be allowed into their community, act like they have the keys to decide who’s allowed in, and display open hostility to anyone not deemed worthy of possessing their trinkets.

Any perceived threat to the value of the stuff in their hobby is met with hostility. A while back this one collector Tim Atwood got fed up with greedy collectors trying to corner a market in the Nintendo scene and revealed he had a box of sealed Stadium Events. It didn’t go over well with the community and they banned him for merely hinting he might sell the games and “tank” the value of their so-called investments.