Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


Have you seen the Hyperkin Gameboy clone that is due for release this year? Certainly looks to be of a much higher quality standard than anything they have produced to date, I’m cautiously optimistic.


I wonder who’s work they plan on stealing for their gameboy emulator.


sadly there is every chance of that being the case.




I heard about that… pretty wild. Not sure how banning him from a forum is going to help anything, it would only make me want to sell the games more!


It’s okay tho. They will use a third party contractor to “develop” (steal) the software, feign ignorance and explain it wasn’t their fault when called out, and then “look into what happened” only well after the product has reached the market and the damage has been done.


No I haven’t, but I am now really interested in it. I loved the Game Boy Pocket.

…and then I read the next few posts. Oh, it’s those guys.


I don’t think it actually had anything to do with the PCE itself and it was when the HiDefNES/Analogue NT stuff got announced and was being shown off. It was specifically the PCEngine FX forums, and I believe they gave him a bunch of shit over it. If I got it right there was a lot of claiming he was fucking over people who wanted the kits because Analogue had it first in their NT kits and his HiDefNES kits weren’t out yet. He got shit too for I think Gametech selling some of the early mods/boards in some NES’ he modded with them on ebay. (to help fund the spin up of the final kits mind you) It also really wasn’t the whole community just a couple really vocal people being obnoxious.

You also had some people bitching about their process videos and not wanting to see that shit and just shows a final product. There were just a few really cranky dbags being douchey towards them.


Kind of sounds like being on the internet in general.





That had to be a troll, right? Right!?




I’m going to start a YouTube channel where I post videos of me opening my sealed games.


I’m gonna start a reaction channel to react to your vids.



Open up graded games as well.


Hey that Game Boy FGPA idea sounds great. Hell with it being portable, just give me a mini console (at least the option).


Your name is familiar. I think I remember you from gaf but I was wondering, do I remember you from Gamespot forum days? Maybe there was another person who used a slime avatar and name started with an A.


Aeana: number one resource for all things Dragon Quest.


Definitely buying the Super Famicom version when they sell the next batch.


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