Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


That would be so cathartic to watch.

One time I was hanging out with someone who left the sticky packaging plastic covering the bezel of her HDTV on even though it was like 7 months old. When she was in the bathroom, I took off the plastic and left it on her seat.

She was pissed but I knew I did the right thing. :relieved:


I had a second Master System that I bought at a flea market a couple years ago for $40, and it still had the plastic on the front bezel. It had been on there for so long that it was literally fused with the plastic, and was impossible to remove without ruining the finish of the plastic.

Such a shame… it looked like crap because the plastic film had bubbles in it.

I ended up keeping my old original system and giving the uglier one to a friend.


First sub here. :smiley:


More info on the next update, copied from atariage.

  • New update will be released within one week.
  • DSP1-4 support would be technically possible, SA-1/SuperFX are not possible, because the ROM is located behind those special chips and the memory bandwidth of the chips in the Super Nt is not good enough.
  • Full Range / Limited Range is already done.
  • Work on new scanlines hasn’t started, he wants to fix other problems first.
  • PSX and Mega CD use a BIOS and the copyright is still valid for decades, so they couldn’t release FPGA solutions that work out of the box.


Can you link the thread? I’ve been unsuccessfully looking for it.


It’s the FPGA thread,


And as was posted on Era, this means using a donor cart while running the ROM of a game off the SD card.


New firmware is up!!!

and yes, it’s completely solved the colour issues I was having. It’s now a dead on match for my SFC Jr/OSSC and as such I can now use the SNT exclusively in its place on my HDTV. glorious. It’s perfect now.


Nice. Just saw FBX said the same on Twitter. I’m likely going to order during the next wave. I want the SFC variety.


I’m still trying to decide because I can actually use the 1920x1200 resolution on my hd via the ossc. It’s my favorite resolution for 5x and doesn’t seem to screw up the ratio. The Super NT really is more of a convenience device so I don’t have to have my scaler hooked up. If I could have the same thing with a PS2 or PS1 I’d be set because I think those are my two favorite consoles. The PS2 is more for convenience not because I like the library better than the PS1.


All colors are back up for order.


Mine has shipped from the second batch. Yay!


The NEC hardcore group are idiots(not the general PC Engine fans) . They feel they’re some elite gaming Oddsey. Well, we’re I’m from having a PC Engine is no big deal. Having an Xbox 360 and Xbox One X is :wink::+1::+1:
I do own a PC Engine RGB modded with CD Rom interface and Arcade card so I guess I’m mega Elite :sunglasses:


Super NT firmware version 4.4 is out

  • Cheat codes tool added. It’s under “settings” “tools” “cheat codes”. You can enter up to 6 codes. Entering the cheat menu will disable codes (so you can enter them, change them, etc. without crashing the game) and exiting it will enable codes if they are enabled via the check boxes.
  • Soft reset vs. hard reset added. When a cart is started via the menu, a hard reset (clearing RAM) happens. Pressing reset after this causes a soft reset (RAM contents unchanged).
  • Holding reset on powerup will force 480p mode. This should fix the issue people were having with non-detection of EDID leading to blank screens. Once booted, you can attempt to change modes to a higher one (i.e. 720p).
  • Added ability to step through heights in 0.5x steps (ie. 4x, 4.5x, 5x) in the width+height menu by pressing start.
  • RGB off by 1 is fixed.
  • NTT Data compatibility mode added under “hardware”. Turning this on will nerf the NTT data pad so that it appears to the system like a stock controller. This lets it be used on the super gameboy, street racer, starfox 2, etc. There are many games that are incompatible with it in weird ways like monopoly. Using one will cause the chance/chest cards to instantly skip.
  • Samurai Shodown/Spirits - Fixed. HDMA happening during a DMA causing issues at the start.
  • Twistit - Fixed. HDMA during DMA causing issues.
  • Monopoly - Fixed. Game gets stuck on chance/chest animation.
  • Chou Aniki - Fixed. Shadow not updated before the interrupt happens and thus no more interrupts occur and the game wedged on a black screen.


Jailbreak V6.5 also out

synced to fw 4.4
adds a new "Save?" dialog box,
fixes DMA-related bugs, which should solve most random crashes,
fixes both SRAM bugs (firmware 6.4 only saved once and had a nasty corruption bug). Please test it again so we can be sure the save functionality works as expected. Any save games made on the jailbreak firmware 6.4 should be considered as potentially corrupted and must be discarded,
fixes glitch with some games disabling the "return to menu" shortcut,


Haven’t installed the jailbroken fw yet, but I will do as soon as a cart/save backup function like copynes is available.


Love it!



Unbeknownst to the masses, the black is best!


It was driving me nuts trying to figure out why the MSU music wasn’t working on the Super Nt with my SD2SNES. I completely forgot to turn on the cart audio in the Super Nt menu. I felt so dumb.