Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not really an obvious thing to turn on cart audio. It’s not something we ever had to do with our consoles in the past.


Do any regular games need the cartridge audio switched on?


Nope. Just SD2SNES and SGB.


Thanks for the reply.


Any ideas on when we might see more SFC/SNES style models available again for order? I have a birthday this month and was hoping to drop some “hints”. :slight_smile:


Super Nt firmware 4.5 is out


Good stuff. So all I need to do is wait for the unofficial hacked update. Can’t loose my loading games from SD function. So cool for looking at unreleased, homebrew and my favourite, demo scene content.

All official v4.5 fixes plus:
Added CopySNES. Lets you dump carts/save RAM to the SD card. Files are placed into /COPYSNES/. The directory is created if it does not exist. See the text file for full instructions.
Star Ocean 96mbit works now.
Changed menu operation so that if you enter the settings menu in the file browser, it can be exited back to the file browser by hitting select (or backing all the way out using the back button).
Changed file browser operation so that if you attempt to back out of it, you get warned that the running game will be ended and you cannot save any more.
In JB mode, tools menu appears on the main menu which has CopySNES and cheat codes.
Cheat codes is moved into the file browser settings menu.


Being able to dump your carts and saves is totally rad.


Right, that’s what I was waiting for! Awesome.

I want to see if my Korean Yoshi’s Island matches with the US 1.1 rom or if there’s any differences.


I’m so annoyed I missed the last round of preorders. I signed up for their newsletter thing and I’m assuming they’ll send a note when the SNES/SFC models are back in stock?


Came here to post the jailbreak update. Seriously considering getting one now that is can dump carts!


Is it allowing you to dump carts and saves? Cause that would be a a lot easier than the method I use.

Edit: diaf autocorrect


Yep. Just tried it and it works really well.

Was able to dump the rom and sram from my Yoshi’s Island and SMRPG carts no problem


I haven’t been following the jail break for the Super NT. Does this mean you can play special chip games without the game or do you need a cart in the slot with the same chip to run it?


No special chip support at all.

DSP (Pilotwings, mario kart) may be possible with that passthrough method but kevtris has ruled out the Super FX and SA-1. Reason being that the SA1 and SFX are in chain after the ROM - and there’s not enough space on the FPGA to get around that.


Worth noting that apparently the retrode couldn’t dump the enhancement chip games so even if you can’t play them off the jb directly, still an upgrade over that.


I really want that damn YI Comboy release lol


Someone has started working on super FX FPGA implementation but he is doing it to learn verilog so who knows what will come of it.


Next round of pre-orders for the Super Nt in May. Summer shipments. Looks likely the Nt Mini is done for the foreseeable future.