Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


Thanks - good to hear confirmation on more Super Nts this spring. Bummer about the Nt mini, but I’m still holding out that they will release a redesigned version in the future that’s cheaper and easier to manufacture.


Yep, really hoping they do an NT mini that’s a little closer to what they’re doing with the super nt.


I’m never giving up my NT Mini…even if selling it now would basically pay for me and the girlfriend’s week away in Italy.

I just love having such a unique piece of kit.


This is where their really nice offer of four different shells is hurting them I think. If they had gone with just one plastic exterior, it would be a lot easier to mass produce the Super Nt. It’s commendable what they did, but as a business plan I think they should’ve picked one shell and gone with it.


Thanks Rich, You “Rich Rolled me


I love my Launch Analogue NT. Same for me, that thing is a permanent fixture in my collection.


Part of me thinks there are a few people with all 4 colors and that would not have happened if they went with 1 design. I like the idea of 2 designs. I think the S. Famicom & SNES would have been good enough but a lot of people really wanted clear and black so its hard to argue. I think they should consider the 2 that are their top sellers and prioritize that. I will say this, I would have loved to buy a famicom version of the NT Mini. Its still a bummer to me that it never happened.

This was the Red Version of the original NT. I love the way it looks.


So curiosity got the better of me and I checked eBay - only one Nt Mini listed and bidding already up to $900. :cry: I love my NES games, but not that much. I’ll have to live with my OG system until another option opens up again.


I gave in and ordered the black. I knew I should have just bought it at launch I knew I would be too week.

$34usd shipping hurts!

DHL vs me


Yeah I vastly prefer the direction they’ve taken with the SuperNT vs the NT Mini when it comes to design and execution :man_shrugging:


Also, not going to lie, having to choose between a bunch of options that all appealed to me is what kept me from just going for it. Sure I also am waiting for a possible RGB out version, but it would have been a lot easier to just impulse buy if there was only one color.


I think if it had been one color, they could really have doubled down and put it in stores. As it stands now, it’s truly a boutique item and it really can and should be more than that.


The RGB out will just be an attachment that plugs into the HDMI port, they’ve already confirmed that.


Which I’m now going to wait to see how that works out before buying. Back when I was first looking into this it was before they had made a decision on how/if they were going to do RGB out/if it would be some sort of special later revision.


hmmmmm I have a retrode and I believe the only game I couldn’t dump properly was either Earthbound or Super Mario RPG. I’m pretty sure it had no problem dumping any other game. I’ll double check this weekend though.


I haven’t been home to test it yet obviously, but I dug a little into things. DSP1, and SuperFX games are fully supported. It’s the SA-1, and S-DD1 that are not. So that makes sense why Super Mario RPG didn’t work for me, and it would seem my copy of SFA2 would not as well. I honestly don’t remember with that one.


Thanks for the follow up. If you do get a chance to try it out mind sharing what happens if you try to dump SA-1 or S-DD1? Does it throw an error? Produce junk data? I am curious.


If I remember right (and granted this was a couple years ago that I ripped my entire SNES and Genesis collection) the games that didn’t work just gave you basically nothing. So when you plug a game into the retrode and turn it on with it plugged into your computer, a windows explorer window pops up. In there will be the games rom data, and if it supports save files the save data for it. From there you can just copy and paste them onto your computer. For ones that didn’t work if I remember right it just gives you a window with like an empty rom file, or maybe its just the like base .cfg file. Basically you just get nothing.


Yeah just tested it out. Super Mario RPG just gives me the config files and some gibberish just a couple k file. Though Street Fighter Alpha II worked just fine. It ripped the rom, I downloaded SNES9X and loaded it into that and the rom file worked perfectly. Also tested it with Star Fox, and again worked perfectly. Seems like it’s just SA-1 stuff it doesn’t play nice with.


My Super Nt came in today which impressed me because A.) I ordered it Wednesday night B.) I live in Canada and C.) It’s a holiday!

Do we have a definitive list of optimal settings? I played around with it and scanlines look ALOT better @ 720p but the picture is noticeably more blurry but turning H and V interpolation off brings the sharp look back.


Yeah I think firebrand x had the optimal 1080p settings. I think I use them. I noticed you want to turn H off or was it V. I’m not sure which interpolation. Update the firmware should give you perfect 4x & 5x @8:7. When I get some time I will boot it up to see what they are.