Anyone ever used the HSS-012 or HSS-009 arcade sticks for Saturn? Are they good?

So, as far as I’ve heard, there are generally two options for stock arcade sticks for Saturn if you want something that has quality parts, the HSS-0136 and the infamous hss-0130.

But there are two sticks that have far fewer buttons that seem to be far less sought after, the HSS-009 and the HSS-012. They only have 3 face buttons and 4 face buttons respectively, but for some games, that seems adequate. It’s less expensive than the other two options. Here’s what they look like:


So my question is, does anyone know what it’s like to play on these things? Are they cheap crap or the good microswitch kind of stick? I only saw one review of this online, which seemed very positive, but not much else. Nobody in the retro community seems to be using it (which is a bad sign).

I don’t have any first hand experience with those but it’s doubtful a stick of that era is using Sanwa buttons or a JLF stick. I’d go with a pad hack or a ps360+ over an old beater stick.

Hori used their own parts at the time and that stick has Omron micro switches so won’t feel that bad. I think most would be put off by the lack of buttons which is why more are not using it.