Retro-bit Official Sega Genesis and Saturn controllers

Figured you guys might like to know that Retro-bit is partnering with Sega on new Saturn and Genesis controllers.

Retro-Bit is proud to partner with SEGA in releasing their long awaited controller lineup, featuring the same great quality as their original hardware counterparts like the original console port, but also with modern upgrades such as a USB® port for PC compatibility and Bluetooth® wireless technology. Relive the controls that changed the game and take it to the next level with these controllers.

And here’s a review.

We need more wired classic controllers, with the originals being more and more difficult to find at a decent price.

I had to check the date on this thread. I was hoping this was gonna be about them actually being (back?) in stock ;_;

People on the discord have posted about their orders being cancelled. Some people have wondered if there was a manufacturing or production issue at some point.

I’m wondering if anyone outside of reviewers even got one D:

Well judging by the pictures every reviewer got 800 controllers. Maybe they ran out

I missed a decimal in there but my point stands.

Today in questions I could find the answer to easily if I just looked for a second; So are they any good? How are the reviews on them?

There’s a decent review in the OP

Park of the joke of my post. :c

They are really good. :grin:

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I finally found an 8 button USB version of one of these guys locally for a decent price, so I picked one up.

It feels just as good, if not better than my original 6 button gamepads for the Genesis. This 8 button variety has two shoulder buttons like an SNES pad, however.

It works flawlessly with the Genesis Mini, and Street Fighter II is a dream to play with it. All 6 face buttons are mapped to the 3 punches and 3 kicks, but the shoulder buttons do nothing. Pulling off moves with each character is a breeze.

With the addition of the shoulder buttons, it will be a great addition to the PC for use with emulation, probably taking over as my main pad for that use case, instead of the Buffalo SNES pads I was previously using.

Overall, I think it’s well worth the $30 CAD it cost me, and I’ll have to pick up a 2nd one before too long.

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