Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


They are nice things, had them for best part of 10 years I guess… still love um…


Opps missed updating here for a few weeks, but worry not, this weeks game is a classic way to spend just under 2 of the queens pounds…


Enjoyed Elite getting the BIT treatment. Thanks! Love the Elite series myself, but it is a massive time sink.


Few games have had the effect that Elite had on me, I used to dream about it… very much a personal experiance though thats for sure… Glad you enjoyed the show…


Love the PC-Engine, love PAC-LAND, love this version…


The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy… Text adventures interesting? Reviews in Peril Sensitive Glasses possible? Inviting chimps to tea…

SEGA Dreamcast over delivering on the promise for arcade perfect conversions.


Good stuff. Both Hitchhiker’s Guide and Soul Calibur were notable games for me for their genres. Hitchhiker’s was the first Infocom game I owned and Soul Calibur I bought day one with the DC.


Yes, they are both give me good memories too, though being in the UK I didnt get Hitchhikers to much later, as disk games where really rare… Soul Calibur though, wow, blow my tiny mind… :slight_smile:


Really quick and dirty review… Airwolf used to keep me happy many a Saturday afternoon, game wasnt arf bad either.


They really did over-deliver. SoulCalibur was the complete package in every sense.

What a game. It’s amazing how well they were able to push the hardware with a lauch title too. It’s arguably still the best looking game on the system and it came out on day 1 in NA.

I can’t think of another launch game that stayed the graphical gold standard for the hardware like that.


Agree, people love it, but it really doesnt get the attention it deserves, for me it is up there with Mario 64 for being so ground breaking… Not quite day 1 in the UK, unsure quite why that was to be honest.


Probably 50hz related shenanigans.


Ahh yes, forgot it was 50/60hz, so that adds up :slight_smile:


Choppers and more choppers… can you ever get enough choppers??

Game was even called Battle Chopper in the US… how fun is that fact… who playes Battle Choppers?? not me thats for sure, I am playing Mr Heli, all the fun, none of the smut…


Get those silky sexy pants on and prepair for the ride of your life (well hardly, the games pretty terrible, but I really do like it anyway)…


Never seen that game before, but looks cool.

I also wanted to thank you for your 1 year recap video. As somebody who is about to dive in (well, one or two videos) in an attempt to get my recently demonetised channel back to monetised status, it was good to hear your experiences!


Thanks glad you liked the review… Yer getting a channel noticed without resorting to click bate or begging all the time is the painful bit… Love forums like this that are ok with me posting, though I would love to post more often but making the shows takes most of my free retro playing time.

Same time having a smaller channel does allow you to answer all comments as well as getting to know people somewhat better… So like everything it has its ups and downs… Hardest thing for me has been views… they just dont go up as subs go up, you would expect views to kinda go up inline, but that does not seem to be the case :slight_smile: When you get 75 views on something you think is going to fly, well, chin up and all that :slight_smile:

As stated on my year 1 review, removing the self issued pressure of doing a show every week without fail was something I wanted for year 1, but year 2, might have to skip the odd week…

So for sure need to find that comfy spot…

Make sure you post a link to your shows either hear or on my YouTube comments, I will for sure check it out.

Good luck


My first Chunky review of year 2, so now spltting reviews into 2 types, Nibble is short a sweet, normally less than 5 minutes, Chunky (yes am a fat of Kit Kat Chunkys :wink: ) is a longer review that includes music charts, films etc…

I am a massive fan of all the Forza games, and what a way to start, still holds up now…


Kit Kat Chunkys :heart:


User to like the peanut butter ones, but now more into the classic one :slight_smile: