Battle Garegga physical version confirmed (Korean PS4)

From the shmups twitter:

"Physical disc confirmed for Battle Garegga rev.2016’s Korean release courtesy of Arc System Works, advertised as “the world’s only disc version” (전 세계의 유일의 디스크 패키지판)

Slated for PS4 December 7th release at 45,000 won (approx. US$41)

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on this one.

Josh from LRG says hold off on the Korean physical of Garegga. Thanks to SoH for finding this:

Josh can go eff himself. He is such a douchy tool. Hopefully he and his company go out of business. I will happily order the Korean version.

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I’ve never bought anything from LRG and know nothing of their history, didn’t realize until recently how much people hate them?

Yeah, I second that motion. Screw LRG, and iam8bit while we’re at it. That said, not a fan of the Korean cover, Hangul kind of ruins it for me. Already double dipped on the PS4 release, might just get the Saturn version.


“I wouldn’t recommend you buy this actual, confirmed release, because we MIGHT have one in the future”

Eh what?

I mean you’re not wrong, but I still like that I can get physical versions of a bunch of games I wanted physical versions of because of him. Even if the business model they use leaves a really bad taste in my mouf.

Ouch, some harsh words on LRG there! I’ve never run into any problems with them myself, so I might just hold off for a while and wait for their release. I’ve never even played the game, hope it’s worth the hype.

I don’t hope they go out of business but I am not a big fan of their model. My beef is really around their distribution. I know it’s a limited run but why not just go with demand. Have a 1st run that ships from the so called limited run and then add a 2nd run to all other orders in a particular window say 2-3 weeks.

It makes no sense and if I really wanted a game I would be so pissed if I was busy. LRG often publish games I don’t give a shit about and honestly many if not all of the indies I want to have don’t publish through them. The one exception being Cosmic Star Heroine.

But I can’t think of a Single Game they published to date that I need a physical copy for. I am so digital on vita and if someday that goes I will probably shrug it off like I did the PSP. Life is too short to worry about certain libraries. I have noticed that as I am dipping back into the PS2 generation I just don’t care for those games like I do for things that came out before that generation. I am sure we will have a fully hacked solution for vita at some point that when the store dies it probably won’t be much of an issue like the Wii.

Came in. Very nice little package for the shelf. I think I have like this version a half dozen times. Listening to the OST now. The best, of course, being the translated XBOX One version.


I don’t mind LRG, but they’re in a bind since they’re trying to serve two masters. The collectors who built their business and those who just want physical version without playing this virtual lottery.

I mean, you have collectors that went nuts when they made variant versions for ComicCon.

Anybody know if this game is hitting European Xbox online store? I can’t find it.

The best place to purchase this in North America?

edit: Play-Asia seemed to have the lowest total cost for Canada, eBay 2nd and GMarket was the most expensive.

Play-Asia is the best. I even have a brother who lives in korea and was just gonna order it to his place but after having him ship it would be more then PA.

I think I paid about $53 delivered via air.

So how’s the quality of the port?

Are there any good crt filters?