Best way to mount HDTV to go from normal to TATE?

Is there a universally recommended best way to mount a flat screen tv so that it can be rotated for TATE mode? I’m interested in mounting my HDTV but I’m not sure if all HDTVs are capable of being in TATE mode.

What are some solutions that people recommend?

Do like @YesBoss and set them up on the floor!

Yea… that definitely is not an option. His setup kicks ass though.

You would need a VESA mount and something to mount it to.

There shouldn’t be any reason a modern HDTV can’t be moved into Tate mode. I did it with mine, I have a 50 inch Samsung set. It was REALLY difficult to find a wall mount that could rotate this way. It took me a bit of searching but I did finally find one place online selling them. They basically custom mod a variety of wall mounts to do this. Just a warning though they are significantly more money than your average wall mount you would fine in Best Buy or Walmart.

It works great though, really easy to rotate, and will hold its position.

This is the exact one I bought.

It’ll hold up to a 60 inch set, though I think you might be able to go larger because it does say it’ll hold up to 150lbs which is way more than a 60 inch set weighs.

Also you don’t need to buy the vesa mount separately this comes with everything you need to mount the tv and the mount itself.

Haven’t used it personally but looks pretty solid based off the gif.

Well there you go, that one is definitely cheaper. I wonder if that’s a new product on Amazon, when I was looking I couldn’t find anything like that on there.

Those user reviews don’t look too hot.

I’m doing the VESA thing with a monitor, I’ll post later.

You can always go with the one. That’s the one I have and while it’s expensive, it works perfectly. I have 0 issues with it. Again I have a 50 inch tv on it, and it has no issues staying in portrait or landscape modes. It can also telescope out and be a good distance away from the wall. May not be handy for you, for us it was since our damn thermostat is right in the middle of that damn wall. (You can see it just peeking out in the image I posted). Who the fuck puts a thermostat in the middle of a wall in a living room like that.

Yours looks awesome, but that’s a lot more than I was hoping to spend.

So, I’m planning my new setup, and it looks like I’m in the market for this mount after all. How stable is it when you pull it away from the wall? The site you linked says it can extend 31 inches away from the wall. I may have it resting in front of the CRT, then swivel it out of the way when I want to play retro games.

In the horizontal position, can the mount move up and down? Or does it only swivel left to right?

P.S. Is this you, dude?

Gotta pay to play ;_;

It doesn’t go up and down just left and right and its really solid when pulled out from the wall. That is also not me lol. I should mention the guy who we had installed it used huge bolts with the metal umm not sure what you call them to secure it to the wall.

I would imagine it would need large lag bolts to go into the studs, probably with washers against the bracket.

Ours doesn’t actually go into studs, but through the drywall and using metal drywall anchors I believe they are called. He used large metal toggle ones.

One’s like this

It’s ridiculously sturdy, I have no concerns or worries about it, even with the arm extended.

Edit I should note that the reason ours doesn’t go into any studs is because that wall doesn’t seem to actually have any. The house we’re in is old construction and built a bit weird in places. The wall with the tv is kind of like a mini wall separating the kitchen and living room that seems to have been added at some point, with door ways on both sides. Our handy man said its basically a wall made from wood slats going horizontally with drywall nailed into that. So when he drilled through he had to go through wood slats as well. Part of the reason we got our landlord’s handy man to do it was because we were having a hard time getting through the drywall to make the holes for the bolts and couldn’t figure out why. Plus we started to figure, expensive tv, wall mount, lets let some one who knows what they’re doing mount it all.

You have plaster with wood slats. This is VERY different than regular drywall that is used in modern construction.

It should be fine on modern drywall right? Single drywall to be specific.

Yes, but you have to mount it to the studs. Get yourself a decent stud finder(not the mirror, haw haw haw), and you’ll be fine.

Pre drill the holes so the bolts will go in without snapping.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll have a pro handle it because I’m having a bit of construction done anyway.

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