Capcom high end Plug and play arcade setup rumored


So much great news today!

Edit: never mind. Hype gone:


What a rollercoaster this has been, being hyped at the rumour of an AvP port but then hearing the price and it being output from an arcade stick. Seeing that it’s a 2-player stick and using Sanwa parts I’m somewhat interested, I don’t really need any more sticks though and would have prefered a collection. Still, AvP and Progear!!

The hardware as an idea is pretty cool. Not a huge fan of a giant garish Capcom logo being the inspiration for the shell but it’s certainly eye catching. If you had it stationed at a home or office desk the Capcom logo is sure to grab attention and let people immediately start guessing what it’s for.

Bit gutted that Buster Bros/Pang didn’t make the cut - I presume Capcom still has the rights since the older games are published by them on the PlayStation Store.

With the inclusion of Wifi and a USB port, I could see additional titles locked to the hardware being sold.

FB Alpha-based emulation though?

"emulation provided by FB Alpha, delivering an authentic & accurate arcade experience "


Maybe add this to OP:

The Sanwa parts themselves are around $100 anyway. A decent stick with genuine arcade stuff on modern consoles runs around $200 minimum.

So it’s probably a good deal, even if the garish design looks way too light to be stable.

On board WiFi would eventually mean a hacked unit would allow for easy loading of ROMs right over a home network, like a pi.

Pretty cool overall.

Edit:FBA is the gold standard emulator for capcom systems. It runs better than any MAME versions. It’s also the basis for Fightcade, which comes from the old GGPO architecture.

Lots of potential here.

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Pandora’s Box and other bootleg all-in-one’s have been eating Capcom’s lunch long enough to establish an interested market exists for this kind of thing, I suppose? The line-up of games is on the extreme ends of what I would be hoping for and dreading. (Cyerbots and Progear are very welcome inclusions, but I have zero desire to play Strider or GnG on this thing…)

If Sega did something like this but used the Virtua Stick Pro design I’d be all over it


FBA is a hack job of ancient MAME drivers designed to run on low spec hardware missing literally hundreds of improvements to both the emulation and qsound. It’s anything but the gold standard.


The hardware is being manufactured under license by Koch Media too (as opposed to say, licensing it to HORI or another reputable manufacturer instead), so I’m guessing Capcom Japan had little involvement with it.

I reckon if Capcom Japan was involved they’d probably try and be the highest bidder for the services of M2 given the timescales involved. But maybe if that were the case it wouldn’t be ready in time for winter 2019 anyway. For instance, Darius Cozmic Collection was announced in July 2018 but wasn’t released until February.


Must be why it’s been running for years on old beater machines.

I’m more interested in any type of fightcade implementation.

Speaking of FBA, it looks like people are accusing capcom of using the code against its own TOS.

Wouldn’t be the first time a large company stole code.

I was pretty hype until they showed what it is. Just put these games in a really nice package on current consoles, please. *sigh*

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I think it’s cool, but not worth the trouble. If that’s the style of machine you want, a Pandora is a better option by far.

yep they shouldn’t be using it at all. haze just confirmed as much on the shmups forum…

“FB Alpha is strictly non-commercial, since it’s based off old MAME code / license, so that’s… bold.”

it will be a real shame if the inclusion of progear diminishes the chances of seeing an accurate m2 port with better timings than emulation can currently offer as that is a title people really wanted them to work on.

The chassis design is downright offensive. Why would you not make it a rectangle with clean edges?

Don’t use a logo from the 80s as the basis for a controller’s design. I mean, you’d think that’d be obvious. The logo wasn’t design for this use. And it makes for a junky looking novelty rather than a device for enthusiasts.

The whole thing looks like it was designed by amateurs. I’m getting sick and tired of these really dumb emulation boxes that were thought up by interns in a back cubicle somewhere.

Nintendo executed it decently. And Sega appears to be following suit. But come on Capcom. This is a joke.

Meanwhile at Capcom USA…

“Who spilled the mutation-serum on that stack of laptop stickers and old Madcatz joysticks?..”

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I’m disappointed that it’s going down this route. I thought based on the success of the Beat Em Up Collection that this would have been a no- brainer, especially on Switch. Even as DLC, it could have produced a nice ROI with little risk. But at this high price point this decision is baffling and is not for me.

Hoping now that Capcom having the license to release AvP means we get a release for consoles/pc/mac later down the line. The license couldn’t have been cheap, right? time to get your ROI, Capcom and port it to all the things.

Ugh, that design is awful and not an attractive price either.

And including 1944 as the only 194X title is so stupid, that’s definitely one of the weaker entries in the series. Should have been 19XX.

Think I’ll just stick with the CPS 1/2 emulators on my PSP considering those work great and this thing is just using roms anyways and may be stealing source code:

This just really seems like something corporate either didn’t know about until it was too late or that they gave the ok to very grudgingly.