Danexmurder’s Mods and Repairs Thread.

Hi Tom, welcome to the board. It’s a great community here. PM sent.

PS1 Digital part 2 is up! Definitely some fine-pitch stuff on this portion of the mod.


Part 3 of the PSDigital is up!

Just received back the couple mods I had Dan here do for me and very happy so far. The mods I had done are a screen install and speaker amp mod for my GBC as well as a Gamecube Link Cable for the Gameboy Micro. Haven’t tested the link cable yet but here are a couple pictures of the GBC

Thanks again @Danexmurder!


You bet! Thanks for having me put this together for you. It was a lot of fun!


@jay is having me do some work for him and I thought it’d be fun to do a quick video on how to disassemble a Game Gear and figure out what your board revision is so you get the correct cap kit.


Ha, cool, watching now. That copy of Wonderboy came from eBay with a totally fucked up outercase. I had to cut it a bit to even get it into the Game Gear.

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Great video. I love watching these repairs.

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Love fix it videos :+1:

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@Peltz Awesome! Makes me happy that people here enjoy these.

@Yakumo Thanks! Lots more where that came from. I started in on a recap of a Duo-R last night. That’s a BIG job.

New video up! I just wrapped recapping @jay 's Duo-R. I knew it had a lot of caps but getting in there and doing the proved it! The HD is still processing but I wanted to throw the link up here. I edited the video a little differently this time and would love to hear what you guys think. Cheers!


I’ve never found console work videos stressful before. Funny how it being yours in the operating room changes things.


Ha! I can imagine. Luckily no major issues cropped up. Half of a pad wanted to lift but I was able to get it solidly welded. It was also opposite the trace so no biggy there. That was really the only dodgy part of the repair. Definitely not as bad as early model Sega stuff. A lot of those also don’t use plated through holes and everything just wants to come off the board.


New video up! I started in on an xStation install in @jay 's PS1. Had fun with this one. I haven’t had a chance to work on a PU-8 revision PS1 yet. In this video I get the PS1 disassembled and the board fully prepped for the install.


Another Game Gear back from the dead! Video on this repair job soon.