Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


What are the 5 games that aren’t supported?


Can flash carts be GOTY at the Game Awards? SD2SNES should be, lol.


Fpga work in general has really taken off this year it’s been great !

@Peltz I believe it’s these 5 games:

  • ST-011 games:
  • Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi
  • ST-018 games:
    • Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi 2
  • SPC7110 games:
    • Far East of Eden Zero
    • Momotaro Dentetsu Happy
    • Super Power League 4


Well, shoot. I may have to upgrade my Super Everdrive now. That is some pretty awesome work by everyone involved.


That SD2SNES just keeps on giving! I totally :heart: mine!

I also decided to take advantage of the Black Friday sale and splurged for an Everdrive GB X7, Everdrive GBA X5, Mega Everdrive X7, and a Famicom Everdrive N8. I think I’m all set for years to come now.


1.9 is out for the sd2snes and it’s a big one !



I bet you guys have never seen an Everdrive for the Japanese Master System!! Maybe this is the only one in existence :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually a western Master System everdrive that I converted to run and fit in to a Japanese Master System or Mark III

You can check out the video here if you are interested in seeing this Frankenstein of a creation.


This excites me. I can finally play Marvelous in English now.


Looks awesome! Very well done .

@ShinJohnpv don’t forget about being able to change the led lol


Looks great! I love the 80s look.


Love the label :smiley:


Anyone in the US order an Everdrive from krikzz on Black Friday? Receive it yet? I’m still not sure why I ordered there instead of SAG. The last tracking update is that it left Kiev on December 5th. I ordered from him two years ago and got it around December 22nd or so.


I’ve had long delays before with Black Friday sales at Krikzz, I think it’s par for the course with the amount of orders they get and shipping took an age to NZ. I guess you could contact him and ask if that’s a reasonable amount of time to wait already?


Thanks. He has a banner on the top of the home page saying things may be delayed. I’ll wait until mid-January or so before contacting him I guess.


I got mine a week ago and I’m in Canada where we had the postal strike disrupting everything.


Bah, was hoping for at least a tracking update that it arrived in the US.


Maybe it didn’t make it over the wall, lol


Ha, I was thinking Russian ship blockade.


Also in Canada. I received everything 2 weeks ago, except for the SD2SNES, which is a little worrying, since it shipped out first. It’s probably still on its way or someone is enjoying it right now. Either way, I’ll wait another week or so before contacting them regarding the SD2SNES.


I am in Canada, but I got my SNES and NES this week.