Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


For people that got them, did you get any tracking updates between ‘departed Ukraine’ and ‘delivered’?


Unfortunately, Canada is one of the countries where there is no tracking once it leaves the Ukraine, so all our orders look like this


I guess that doesn’t do you any good, since only Canadians have responded thus far. Hopefully a fellow American can be more helpful.


this is the exact thing i’m getting too, yeah - mine shipped around 12/4, nothing since. really want my turbo everdrive!


Thanks for the replies all, appreciate it.

I expect it will arrive just not sure when. In the US you can utilize USPS for tracking updates, which is usually overly informative in my experience, but it also shows no updates since leaving Kiev.


I’ve ordered a few different EverDrive models from Krikzz website before. They always take ages to arrive. Around about 3 to 4 weeks I’d say. No idea when black Friday was mind you. We don’t have that over here.


Sorry dude not the only one, I made one four years ago :wink:


Hehe, good going. Looks like we both had the same idea.


One thing I did notice about your cart is that you used the black MS to MK3 converter that I was originally going to use. I had issues with that one though. Basically it didn’t work at all but the other green converter did. Maybe something to do with the EverDrive firmware?


It was four years ago, who knows what Everdrive revisions and adapter revisions affected things in the meantime. But I had to use older firmware back then. The adapter is actually I believe a pirated version of Raphnet’s adapter that turned up for sale in China late 2013 (heard about it on SMS Power), which is what prompted me to make the cart in 2014. Before then there was only the Totorek adapter which was very tall as it was designed to fit inside a Mark III game shell, so the new adapter is what enabled it being possible and I got right on it. I have a couple of other adapters including a legit Raphnet one I use with other Everdrives and carts with no issues on Mark III and western MS.

I believe the Master Everdrive v2 (or ‘X7’ lol) has issues with a Mark III, as Mark III has no bios like western units and the Japanese Master System. Krikz does not test on all console versions and has issues with Japanese machines.

A lot of stuff is not documented in English on Sega 8-bit outside of forums like Sega 16 and SMSPower. It’s one of the reasons I write stuff on my site, to have articles online about some of the stuff, like my external RGB amplifier for Mark III.


Ah, my black one is a real Raphnet adapter. It has wires soldered to some points too for some reason. It never worked mind you. The green one is a Japanese Chinese adapter which works great. I know about those horrid long ones you mentioned. They’re the most common ones in Japan but they look awful with an everdrive on top.

I like your idea of chopping down the SD card. Should have thought of that myself but as it is I’ve already made a SD card slot in my case. At least its easy to add new stuff to the SD card now.