Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Sd2snes is a monster upgrade over the super everdrive!

Special chip support
Instant loading
Save states

I have zero regrets upgrading to one from a super everdrive


Yeah that’s what I was going to say too. The upgrade from the Super Everdrive to the SD2SNES is gigantic.


I picked up a Mega Everdrive X7,GB Everdrive X3 and the cheaper N64 Everdrive for $200. I had a ton of points so I cashed those in.


Just bought an ever drive GG and an updated gb/gbc everdrive x7. I have the old gbc everdrive that doesn’t support save states and also draws too much power to work on most gbcs so I decided to upgrade.

$24 shipping from USA-Canada on SAG or $6 shipping from the Ukraine…uh okay I can wait a few extra days.

The only everdrive I don’t own now is the turboED



And of course by waiting for actual black Friday I missed out on the SD2SNS I wanted from stone age gamer. Because why wouldn’t one color sell out?


Ah man that’s a shame, is it worth emailing them to ask if you can order one now for them to send one out when it’s in stock?

I just looked at some of the Stone age colour shell options for these carts and I kinda wished I ordered from them now.


Mega Everdrive X7 was my only purchase, looking forward to Sega screaming! Lol


Today’s the day… I’m feeling cheap but want to grab some of these… decisions decisions.


Maybe this will help you out but I started by grabbing flashcarts for the consoles with the most exciting Homebrew/rom hacking community.

I’m not sure which EDs you have but I know you’ve got my SuperED and at this point the sd2snes is a huge upgrade over that !


ordered :money_with_wings:

Somehow even with the nicer shells StoneAgeGamer came out cheaper than ordering from Krikzz. I think cause I spent >$250 I got an extra 5% off and the shipping was not insano price.

Also ordered a FlashMasta WonderSwan flash cartridge while they were briefly available for purchase earlier today.


Ordered the Mega Everdrive x5 today. I’m looking forward to the CD-bios feature, as I have the UK demo disc for Keio Flying Squadron that has the whole game on it by mistake. Can’t wait to play it.


Ordered an N8 & SD2SNES today. I was close to ordering the Turbo ED, but ultimately I want a solution that can play CDROM titles too.


It would be less of a problem if I wasn’t so dumb. Spend a lifetime agonizing over the color options to get settled on one for black Friday since I know choices are hard for me only to not pull the trigger right away when the deals went live.



Which colour were you after? the NA SD2SNES cart choices are amazing, so much better than the JP/EU grey/black options (although the black version is pretty cool)


Damn you.


You can sign up for emails when they are available.

I also posted about in on the discord on friday; checking now they were gone in less than an hour.


Theme keep an eye on the emails.

I don’t think I have time for Discords in general.


Settled on the Pitch Black one. Was going to just go with the base grey (which is also sold out) to mate actual carts but it being a little off made that pointless. Guess it is all pointless in the end. Better luck next year. Do believe a friend got sick of my indecision and picked me up a couple of the other everdrives I’ve been eyeing tho, so will see about that on Christmas.


Looks like SDD-1 support is done for sd2snes!


With S-DD1 complete, every single US & EU region game is now natively supported in SD2SNES, leaving just 5 Japanese special chip games! 100% support for US & EU games in SD2SNES is a momentous occasion!


What a year it’s been for the SD2SNES!