Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


This gives me small hopes that my order - shipped December 26, still somewhere in between Ukraine and Italy - isn’t MIA yet. I’m not entirely optimistic, though, in spite of Krikzz guys telling me ‘everything’s perfect’. :confused:


Mine was shipped to Canada and the tracking number never did anything but give me an error. Good luck.


Are you sure you used the right tracking number? It’s a bit hidden for some reason. One would think it’d be included in the email where it says you can track your order etc, but it isn’t. To find my current one I had to go to “My Account” on Krikzz site and click “Order History”, then click on the details for the order. There I was able to find a tracking number. Clicking on it caused an error on the tracking site, but copying it and pasting it into the site manually made it work.

You could try doing that @Galdelico if you haven’t already.


I tried exactly what you said and it never worked. I remembered my previous order taking something like 3 weeks so I wasn’t really concerned. I also figured it took him a month to ship because of the amount of orders he got during BF which sucked but was understandable.

EDIT: And as a test I tried it again and it worked. I did exactly the same thing I did after clicking on the link didn’t work, I copied the tracking number at the bottom of the details page and pasted it onto the tracking site. I guess the site was having an issue when I tried it before. It’s not like it would’ve helped me anyway since it was only tracked until it left Ukraine.


Registered mail doesn’t work for tracking in Canada. It does in every other country in the world.


Yep, that’s what I did too, guys. For some reason, though, the tracking code provided in my order details page doesn’t show me any info for Italy. I sent an email to Krikzz, and they replied it’s all good and there are no problems. I’m a bit concerned - as I’m also waiting for two items from the US and it’s more than a month with both of them, now - but I can only wait I guess. ^^;


I havnt spent much time looking into it but from what I can gather there are different versions of VGM and only certain versions work. I have a feeling the VGM files provided in his download are of the wrong version.


No but they do work! Only the Stage Select song doesn’t seem to work for some reason. And actually I found another program called XGM Player that seems more modern, and that song did work using that. But with that one the music doesn’t sound completely correct. At least in an emulator.


XGM player is amazing ! I didn’t have any luck with rom builder though


oh man, pls share this if you can!


I can share the Zelda one for sure - it’s the same as the one that qwertymodo put together, converted directly from the audio files in the LInk Between Worlds ROM , but with a few changes. I’ve since replaced the Dark World theme with the guitar based one that’s used for the majority of ALBW as it’s suited better to longer playtimes. The dark dungeon theme was the only track in the batch not taken from ALBW likely as there was no equivalent…in its place the pack had a nasty amateur made cover which stuck out. Replaced it with the Thieves Hideout dungeon theme, then decided on the Shadow Temple music from OOT which works suprisingly well.

I’ve also tonight just put together a DKC1 pack with music taken from Tropical Freeze. It obviously gives a different feel to the original tracks, but it’s pretty neat.


Any tips or good guides for setting up a SD2SNES?

I’ve had this thing for over a year now and I seriously need to start using it!


I can help! I’ll PM you.


Oh also, on the topic of MSU-1 hacks - seems like volume variances are no longer an issue if you plan on using it with the Super NT. There’s an option to fully adjust the expansion audio volume in the Super NT menu.


Thank you :pray:t4: Kinda excited for the upgrades over my old Super Everdrive!


I have one for the PC Engine, which is great since I own no games for the system.

Recently also got a pack of sega-stuff which inluded an Everdrive, but the seller didnt know where it came from. Any tips on how i can check if its a legit one, or if its a cheap kina knock off? I dont want to damage my Framemeister or something lol.


You should be able to crack open the cart and see the model marked on the board along with krikkz’s website. You can also load up the cart in your system,open the menu, and view the cart information.

I’m not sure how far the counterfeiter’s go though.


Best way to find fakes is to use the example photos on krikzz’s site: https://krikzz.com/pub/support/var/

also check the build date on the OS menu itself


Thanks both of you! Seems I have a legit Mega Everdrive V2, as the board is completely similar to the on on Krikzz-page. Awesome news!


Got this in the mail today!!

Super excited to try it out tonight. The case is really cute and a nice touch. It’s about the same size as those Famicom Namco plastic cases.