Extron Crosspoint

Not if you have a pvm. It takes both via the same input. Toss the manual, it’s overcomplicating this for you.

The device works exactly the way you’d think when looking at it.

No PVM though, I’ll be running everything into my TV via Component

Keep in mind you need a sync strip somewhere in the chain if you’re using RGB with Composite Video Sync or Sync on Luma. To the point above, yes you will need a separate output to an RGB monitor if your consumer TV doesn’t accept it. You will also need separate outputs for RF, Composite or S-Video on the same TV. Think of it as every set of physical plugs on your one or more displays needing its own dedicated output on the Extron. A couple of monitors could potentially use up like 6.

@CyborgNumberBlue The advantages are 1. more inputs than most Scart switches. 2. And more outputs than all Scart switches and unlike dual output Scart switches which can only display one input signal at a time to both outputs, you can send any combination of one or more inputs out to multiple outputs. You have full control. Sorry to spam my pics, but this describes it quicker than my wordy responses.

Three different consoles (N64, GC Wii), each on a different output

One console (SNES) on multiple outputs

Right, so if I’m stripping sync to use component, how do I get it back to a normal component signal for my tv?

Component doesn’t need sync stripping. o_O

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Apparently I know nothing about this stuff.

So this is how it would work:

4 SCART consoles into it with BNC breakout cables.
3 Component consoles into it with RCA to BNC connectors.

Output SCART BNC into a SCART connector with reverse breakout cable, into my Shinybow to convert to Component, into 1st component input on TV.

Output Component direct to TV on 2nd Component input.

@Mega Ah, OK, got it. I’m all SCART so component/composite didn’t even cross my mind when thinking about it. I facilitate output to multiple devices via an SB-3715, which feeds my PVM and OSSC.

That all seems correct to me!

Lucky your TV has two sets of Component inputs although there are ways to doing what you’re doing with just one set of Component sockets. I actually do something a little similar where one of my Extron’s outputs has an S-Video converter so I can convert any RGB console to S-video for use on a specific non-RGB CRT.

Yeah I do have 2 sets of component inputs… although, you could probably feed all the SCART though the SB-2840, then back into another input on the matrix switch for a not-so-elegant solution rofl.

Never thought of feeding an output back into another input. I supposed you could!

If you had only one set of Component sockets you could also send both the regular Component output and the Shinybow converted Component output into a Component switch, followed by the TV. But you have the two sets of sockets so this is all just needless added complexity!

Yup! Only nice thing about feeding back to the switch with all the SCART, is I would never have to switch my TV input.


Master System


I never really use the GameCube because of the Wii, so I could have one input to the TV and that’s it.

Did you send your audio into the crosspoints input separately from everything else?

I missed this thread somehow. I use one and I love it. I’m currently using about 8 out of 12 inputs.

I adore my Crosspoint, it is a godsend really.

I am still impressed with how much of a no-brainer something like the Crosspoint (and other matrix switchers) are, able to take any input and spit it out to any number of outputs. It sounds too good to be true in the day of minimalism, hardware elimination, and halfway solutions for something as simple as streaming with a CRT and flat panel. In fact, when I first heard of them it took me a while to grasp the utter simplicity of such a thing, not believing it could be that easy.

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Yep, it was one of my first purchases when I got into the hobby. It’s basically self explanatory. I haven’t taken the step of wiring up all the audio through it though. So far I’ve been using a small mixer for that.

This is a bit OT but I wanted to ask about this. I am getting ready to move to a SCART->Component setup when I get this FV310. I have four consoles that I’m current feeding to a PVM via SCART. I can’t recall if any are composite or luma sync. They are: AV Famicom, SNES, Genesis and PS2. Am I going to need a sync stripper for those? I’m already groaning at having to add a Shinybow and some kind of audio breakout cable to the chain. Ugh … so many damn cables involved with this shit.

I have my PS2 on component, so I can’t answer that one, and I haven’t RGB modded my NES yet.

That said, you don’t need a sync stripper for the Genesis or the SNES. From your extron, straight into the Shinybow, then out of that with component and stereo audio. Works like a charm, and I cannot recommend the shinybow enough. It works beautifully.

Just make sure your SCART cables are of the CSYNC variety.

Thanks. Hoping I don’t need to add another link in the chain. I don’t have an extron - just was reading the thread and that note about sync stood out to me. Also realized I don’t have a Shinybow, it’s the just the generic job from eBay

For each console I have a scart to BNC breakout cable with R, G, B, sync, and left/right RCA audio. Audio goes into the RCA-to-phoenix adapter for the corresponding input.

So yes, the audio is separated. But no, it’s one direct chain from console to Extron – I’m not using a separate audio switch like some people do when they don’t have the phoenix adapters.

I do the same