Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


The stock sound is aweful ! I backlit my gbc so I was able to lift one of the CPU pins and it completely eliminated all the audio noise.


Nice work! I’ve yet to do a mod involving a pin lift, seems kinda scary but I can see it being a lot less hassle than wiring up wires and caps.


Nice job! I love projects like these. Those guides look great, too. I’m definitely an audio snob and the GBC/GBA sound has always bothered me, but based on my skill with a couple recent projects, I’m not sure I’d trust myself with the soldering.


I was surprised to come across so many ‘pro-sound’ mods for the various Nintendo handhelds, there’s even one for the GBA Player! Check this link out:

What are your recent projects? I think you’ll be fine if you tried this, it’s soldering two wires and removing two smd caps. The hardest part is closing the GBC without the wires getting in the way!


It’s all been very simple stuff: desoldering cart/CMOS batteries and installing coin cell holders in SNES games and two Dreamcasts. While everything has worked in the end, I feel like my soldering is just sloppy as hell and is an accident waiting to happen. I do have 3 GBCs and could take a shot with one of them, but they’re in otherwise mint condition and are my babies. :smiley:

Could be that my tools are crap and I need to invest in some better gear. This comes at a good time, though - During xmas break my wife told me I needed to find a project that occupied my mind better. :roll_eyes:


I hear you, I didn’t attempt this on my beloved clear GBC first, I got this beat-up ‘back up’ that I’m slowly sorting out so felt fine experimenting on it. What colours do you have? I really like all the GBC variations and considered collecting them all at one point but I also need to cut down on hoarding so much shit.

I would say if you can do those then you’ll find this mod just as easy! Haha yeah same, after a mod I’m always half expecting for it to not turn off or explode! People make it look too easy in tutorial vids.


Welp, turns out I actually have 4 GBCs. (Is it officially a hording problem when you can’t keep track of all this?) I forgot about the one I was letting my son use to play Pokemon Red and Tetris. Just missing grape and dandelion from the original US set:

I may try to find a cheap, beat up unit to practice on first.


I have the atomic purple, but those others are all so much cooler. Especially the green one.


Kiwi green might be the best green version of anything.


Funny, I like the atomic purple the best!


Definitely work on something other then handhelds untill you feel comfortable. I hate working on handhelds due to space limitations and ribbon cables and everything is so damn small. That said ,Nintendo handhelds are pretty damn bullet proof and any mistake you make should be fixable.


I chose atomic purple as a 12 year old because it was all they had in stock and then again as a 30 year old due to nostalgia.

But all the other colors really look cooler in my humble opinion.


The transparent/atomic purple look feels very much like something from the 90s. The other colors have more of a “timeless” quality to them in my opinion. And the lime green one is definitely my favorite and what I use on a regular basis.


I like yellow but most of the basic colors are just the wrong hue IMO.

As usual limited edition colors fare better; I really like the Midnight Blue GBC I picked up a few years ago:


Did it also give you a headache? It does to me.


(before I trimmed the legs)

Capacitor arrived and it’s eliminated the hiss! I had to find a slightly different place to fit it so the case would close as the tutorial says to cut the tab on the rear housing and I wanted to avoid any cutting. You lose a little loudness but it’s worth it to make the headphone jack usable.


I lasted about 10 minutes. :sweat:


There’s nothing more disorienting than turning off all the lights and playing virtual boy for 30+ mins… having said that, I have a soft spot for weird obscure systems and I love my VB:)

I just wish I had more games for mine.


I must have rented this game more than 5+ times as a kid. Not sure what took so long to actually own a copy but I’m glad a I finally do.


I havr this game unfortunately, I think the battery is toast. I need to replace it.