Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


I have been losing it all around the last couple days, perhaps this is an extension. I’ll check again in an hour or so. :confused:

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[Update] Confirmation of me losing my mind! AGS-001 charger works fine. Where did all these DS Lite chargers come from?


Damn my backlit DMG died. Had some screen line issues, opened it up and somehow I damaged the backlight. Can fix but eh.

I could not be bothered modding stuff myself anymore. Anyone know of a good seller of biverted backlit DMGs?


They ain’t cheap but ebay seller progbmods has a good rep on the forums. They put a new one up every now and again.


Bennvenn has posted an update on his GBC screen mods, and what he might be looking at doing in the future.

"IPS LCD screen mod" :star_struck:


Everyone hyped for option 4, sounds pretty cool. I’m guessing “4x linearly scaled” would require some sort of grid overlay option to keep that og GBC screen look?


Any recommendations for a GBA SP headphone adapter?

I see a ton on ebay and amazon. Some reviews are ok, some say there is noise. I assume an OEM Nintendo one is impossible to find or ridiculously priced.


I searched for a while, bought a few, but was never satisfied with any of the adapters on eBay/Amazon. So I’d be interested if anyone has a good source.

Of course, I’m not sure even the best adapter in the world will make much difference in the overall experience… The background noise on GBA audio makes using headphones really rough. :frowning:


Hmm, that’s disappointing. Maybe I’ll grab a cheap one and see how good/bad it is then possibly just accept using the speaker. :frowning:

I picked up Metroid Zero Mission so was looking forward to the ambient nothingness via headphones. I’d be using iPhone earbuds (I need to up my headphone game) not exactly high end so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. /Shrugs


Yeah, for a game like Metroid, the hiss might kill the mood. Nintendo really screwed up on the audio for the GBA, it’s such a shame.


GBA audio!!
Why did it have to be so underwhelming? Visually, it’s a beast for its age and size.

Metroid Zero in particular is something I’d love to play with an updated, or reorchestrated soundtrack. Everything sounds so damn compressed.

My GBA experience has mostly been on an original NDS, and it felt like an aural step backwards going to the SP.


The audio is indeed a shame even on GB Player. I wonder why it sounds the way it does.


It’s a combination of a few things actually.

Most GBA sounds and music are samples . The samples need to be processed by the CPU before they are sent to the DAC taking up precious CPU power.

The DAC is a piece of trash with a very low bit/sample rate

Cartidge sizes were small so just like the N64 a lot of games had to heavily compress the samples to fit on the cart.

Combine these 3 things and you’ve got a recipe for some real apple earbud sounding audio.


Yup, GBA sound is absolute butt. I was really surprised recently by how bad it sounds through the headphone jack with even a decent pair of headphones, let alone a really good pair.

I actually ended up soldering a cap onto my board to try to get rid of some of the hum from the terrible DAC: it’s made the audio a little cleaner, but it’s still really low-quality.


It’s such a bummer considering the audio powerhouse that was the gb/gbc.

The GBA may have the greatest handheld library ever and it’s a shame it’ll always be held back by budget minded design choices.


Don’t forget the Virtual Boy. It’s absolutely incredible how good the sound is on that thing. It digs so deep and sounds so clear and loud. Like a Genesis High Definition console on steroids…with a bit of SNES sound capabilities thrown in too.

It’s sound capabilities are criminally underrated just due to the obscurity of the platform.


Confession time.

I’ve never even touched a virtual boy


I touched a Virtual Boy once and it touched my life forever. Highly recommended!


It’s better than you’d expect.

Imagine a 2D system that is more powerful ithan the SNES and Genesis with stereoscopic 3D but no color visuals and excellent sound. That’s the virtual boy.

Other than the lack of color, it was a very capable 2D system.


It’s not out of dislike or anything I just haven’t had the chance to try one ! I’d love to check one out one of these days.

Also I refuse to believe anything is more powerful then the genesis


Just finished doing a pro-sound mod to a GBC and the low hum has vanished! I’ve just got the hiss left to deal with which requires a cap. I can’t believe how bad stock sound is from the headphones.