Help: Xbox 360 controller to Dreamcast?

Hey all!

I’m looking for a way to connect xbox 360 pads to a dreamcast. For the sake of the discussion, yes it has to be xbox 360 to dreamcast.

What are my options here if any? Is there anything to be done or am I screwed given the usb?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(This may be a quick conversation lol)

Can they be wired/USB?

Yeah they are wired pads.

Also, does it have to be a 360 pad? (as opposed to a PCB for a nightstick, etc.)

Maybe using a PS360+ (for a stick) or using one and doing some soldering to see if you can hack it for Dreamcast.

The stick is already padhacked with dual 360 pcbs and I’m trying to avoid ripping them out, but the PS360+ IS a solution I had considered, so many thanks. I’ll keep that in mind

I haven’t tried it, but theoretically you could chain together multiple adapters. Like a 360 -> PS2 adapter and then a PS2 -> Dreamcast adapter. It’s likely to introduce some input lag doing that too, but it (theoretically) should work.

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Maybe this?

If this would let you use a USB keyboard on a DC, maybe it will recognize the 360 controller to some capacity?
(Just reverse the male end of the USB to female if necessary?)

Yeah I thought about that but all I could find was this poorly reviewed adapter:

But for the price it may be worth it to just give it a shot.