Ikaruga on Switch details (Published by Nicalis)

Since it’s Nicalis, it’s probably going to get a physical port. I really think I should probably shoot for buying all the Nicalis games physical.


Nice! Silvergun is the one I really want though. Hopefully we are one step closer.


I’m down for all (most) treasure games on modern consoles.

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I’m loving the idea of classic games on a cart again.


I’m far more likely to buy games on Switch because of that fact.

The tease tweet has Silvergun too



I hope the native resolution is 720p when portable/tate and 1080p when docked.

I assume treasure is porting this themselves and Nicalis is paying the bill?

Thats usually what it is. They do since the Switch is only 720p. Sometimes the resolution is lower. I hope they do a good job with this because I am digging my Switch becoming my Retro-on-the-go machine.

I really can’t get over how much I love the Switch as a platform. I can’t believe its got this much support from 3rd parties. I know Wii got a lot of shovel ware but this really feels like companies are putting their best foot forward to get good games on the platform. I love that I Have the ability to buy so many indies and other games on this thing. I am going to Import Rockman X collection as its the version with all the games on the carts instead of a download like the US version.

I think Owlboy is coming to switch. I really hope River City Ransom Underground gets ported too. That game is a fantastic brawler.

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Man, I would love Owlboy and RCRU on the switch!

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Owlboy has already been released on the Switch.

I though that was an end of May release???

Its up for pre-order. Unless its available digitally. I never really look at that.

Yeah. Had it on my Switch for two months. It came out digitally first and then they announced the physical.

This is fantastic news, and I will buy it - but I hope these leads to Radiant Silvergun as well.

This right here. Treasure is was :c a treasure.

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More of a Cave man, never quite manage to enjoy the Treasure stuff…

Well, now is your time? :wink:

Give me some Muchi Muchi Pork on Switch…


I would buy DoDonPachi and/or DoDonPachi Daioujou for $100 each if that’s what they cost.