Is there a trusted seller for restored/cleaned original Xbox consoles out there?

My Xbox is finally kicking the bucket. I smelled smoke from the AC port in the back when I powered it on today and won’t risk having it plugged in anymore. Can anyone recommend a seller who sells good-condition Xbox consoles with the best disc drives that also have capacitors removed? Someone who cleans it well and offers some sort of short term warranty would be ideal.

I’d rather pay a little extra than go with a random eBay seller no one can vouch for.

Sorry I don’t really have an answer to the question you’re asking. Hopefully someone knows a shop or online service as I’d like to know as well.

Have you opened yours or have any plans to repair it? I would think that might be easier at this point than sourcing a new one. They’re very easy to take apart, you’ll need some torx screwdrivers though if you don’t have any. Or you could take it to a local shop if there is one.

idk, just my two cents as I bought one a year ago or so online full of dust and dead cockroaches (accompanied by their shit everywhere). Some may recall the pics I post on gaf, lol. I would be more inclined to try to fix it first since you know yours is (hopefully) not infested. Unfortunately, I’ve found most og xbox’s are pretty beat up consoles by now, inside and out.

Also, what version is yours? Not all of them need the time capacitor removed (the 1.6’s won’t work with it removed).

[edit] ~$40 for a new PSU. I ordered my drive belts from this seller (albeit via ebay)

Mine is a launch unit. Any soldering required for replacing the PSU?

You’ll want to open to open it up and remove (or replace) the clock cap if you plan on keeping it. Replacing would require soldering. Removing wouldn’t; you don’t need it for the earlier versions.

No soldering for the PSU, it’s a separate board that is screwed down to the case. It has a connector to plug into the motherboard. OG Xbox is built like a 90’s/00’s PC.

See steps 13-15:

[edit] If you do open it you don’t need to completely remove the rubber feet on the bottom, only the outermost corner to gain access to the fastener head. That way they should still stay adhered to the case. If you completely remove them you might have to glue/tape them back in so they will stay.

You can also feel where the fasteners are under the silver & white sticker so you don’t need to peel it back, you can just cut a small hole where the fastener is. I find that looks better after the fact but might be personal preference.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I bought an Xbox from this seller with the exact things you’re looking for (refurbished, cleaned, 6 month warranty) last year. I don’t know if he’s selling one at the moment but he periodically puts them up for sale. I would message him if you’re interested. Hope this helps!

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Thank you. I’ll inquire.