Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl, a new NES cartridge from Limited Run Games

It’s an open preorder, not a limited run, you have until

It looks good, Spoony Bard Productions are competent NES devs, so it might be interesting.


This uses the jay and silent bob IP? Crazy if legit.

I preordered the yellow cart. Looks to be a good beat em up.

I think there’s a new J&SB movie out soon

Yes, it’s coming out next month.

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I preordered the green cart. Looks like a legitimately fun game, and will be fun to stream, I suspect.

This looks interesting but not sure I can get over the price tag for a game I don’t really know anything about

can i just drop a few bucks for the ROM? this should always be an option by the way

Yep. If it was already reviewed on Steam or something it would be one thing, but completely sight unseen… it might be complete junk.

I really do wish, with these kind of releases, that there was a 5 dollars for just the rom option. Let me just throw this on my everdrive so I don’t have to worry about you using the right voltage chips, or if you’ve beveled the cartridge edge (which like none of these fuckers do), or a million other concerns.