McWill Backlit GBC Kits are out for sale

You can get a kit in the US from Console 5 (Currently out of stock) and in the EU from Dragon Box. $74.95 and 69,00 € respectively (not incl. shipping).

There’s an optional VGA output at 640×480 @ 60Hz for these kits. I believe it’s a simple mod which only requires a single wire to be soldered. Looking forward to seeing how it compares to BennVenn’s offering although I suspect it is the same screen. The BennVenn screen is supposed to be cheaper at $50 (after the first $70 production run). Is anybody thinking about getting this McWill screen?

I pre ordered the drop in BennVenn kit already. Will be interesting to see how the McWill one compares. I want to do a GBA model 1 back light mod next. I’m curious how the cheaper Chinese AGS 101 screens are compared to one taken out of an oem AGS 101 gba sp.

Looking forward to the comparisons. I have a couple GBCs that are ready to see the light.

Here’s a pretty good comparison video.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

This is why I just stick to GB Player. Even the original AGS-101 has too low a refresh rate when playing scrolling games.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting my gb player up and running. I’m gonna buy a copy of wind waker first.