Are DE10 Nanos available anywhere for close to normal price yet?

I’ve been messing with the PSX core and it’s really great. Widescreen works well (on games it makes sense for). What a great device and scene.

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The price keeps going up on them. I’m not sure if they’ll ever really go down; speculation on my part.

I bought my first DE10-Nano for $140 in late ‘19 or early ‘20. I pre ordered one from digikey for $218 (neither price includes tax & shipping, ‘out the door’ for this one was $248). You can order them directly from Terasic for $210, but they were charging $46 for shipping (US west coast) so I paid $8 more with digikey but ended up at a lower overall price when S&H was considered.

That’s pretty reasonable all things considered! I bought two in 2019 at $130 and $140 and saw some ridiculous ebay prices recently. I have a friend looking, I’ll have them keep their eyes on Digikey. Thanks @dubc !

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Yeah, I hear prices for things will still be bonkers in 2023. I wish I had picked up a second de10nano earlier. I still should grab one now before they rise in price again lol

Really happy with this case for my MiSTer. MistressITX board fits well in here.


That looks great!

After almost two years I finally got a case. I wanted a Mister Addons Al one, but they’re always out of stock so I went with an acrylic one from Mister FPGA UK.


Really thinking about getting one of these for my main room now that I have a big OLED. So the prices are going up? I would likely be getting a pre built one from mister add-ins.

seems like the de-10 nano is sold out pretty much everywhere

MiSTer update!

I’ve been using my MiSTer for quite a while now and still feel like I’m discovering new things! I added a 256GB SD card to mine, a nice Genesis-themed background, and the menu music from the MegaDrive Mini.

The PS1 core is really impressive. Playing note-perfect Silent Hill has been a real highlight. But my favourite part of the MiSTer is that I can satisfy my picky needs for scanlines, etc. on a console-by-console basis. Finally, everything looks “correct”!


I want one so bad. The DE10 seems to be out of stock everywhere :frowning:

Directly from Terasic is the fastest, but also a little more expensive with ~$40 for shipping. I preordered from digi-key on July 1 and it just shipped a couple days ago. Digi-key doesn’t charge you until they ship which is nice.

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I’m starting to feel the itch to get into lightgun games on MiSTer. I know I need SNAC and a CRT, but I’ve never looked much further into it than that. Is there a one-size-fits-all lightgun I can seek out, or will I need different lightguns for PSX and Genesis?

I noticed that the Mister’s component output is a bit dimmer than some of my other consoles. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the Mister, the analog I/O board, or the VGA - Component cable I use (Monoprice). here’s an example photo I tried to take, the difference is actually quite a bit more pronounced in real life

Mister SNES core:

Wii SNES Emulator - Component:

Anybody else notice something similar? Easiest place to start checking would be the cable, but I’m not sure which cable to get

This is mentioned in @VGEsoterica videos a lot, and something I noticed too compared to a Genesis, SNES, and Wii. The MiSTer just seems to output a darker image than most consoles. Easy to correct of course but still something to know about.

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ah okay, thanks for the info! does this also apply to direct video/HDMI as well?

I’ll just turn up the contrast and brightness a bit on my TV. hoped I wouldn’t need to do that, but it seems it can’t be helped

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