Yeah, at the rate it’s moving now, I’m pretty excited about it.

My own interests really fall in with the work that’s being done on the arcade cores. Something that is accurate AND puts out a native resolution is the goal, and the rate that these classic cores are being released is pretty exciting.

It’s a daunting task to try to emulate every separate arcade game but it would be great ideally to have a separate add-on, if needed, for each arcade system.


I will be more excited once we see that Neo Geo and CPS1/2 cores come in. Sure, its fun to play a few of those old cores but they won’t ever be as good as consoles and arcade systems that you can expect the same hardware functions across the board.

Plus, as much as i like those early 80s arcade games, my love is really with the late 80s and 90s games. After the capcom systems and neogeo I would love to see Konami’s games. TMNT, XMEN & Simpsons are arcade bliss.


Yeah it’d be worth it alone as a dedicated neo geo core considering the NeoSD is around $500 and MVS systems aren’t getting any cheaper


The Supergrafx alone justifies the thing.

This week had a huge update and i am floored with how much was updated. Its going to THE GameBoy player for me and my PC Engine going forward.


A couple are in already :+1:


I know they got DSP already. I think we won’t be long for other chips too.


So I have been playing a lot of MiSTer lately and I have to admit, its really changed my thinking about my hobby. I was really obsessed with hardware. I wanted to buy all the systems I cared about and do the various mods to make them the best they could be. Now here I am with the MiSTer and I am completely at a loss for some of the mods and hardware I had every intention on buying.

Game Prices were already crazy before I even started getting back into retro games so I tried to make sure I only bought things I was really nostalgic about. I think the only thing I miss about the MiSTer is being able to use my own games but at this point, maybe that isn’t that bad.

So now I am in wait and see mode for just about everything. The Analogue SG, the hdmi mod for the GBA. I think I am more likely to buy a modded portable than I am something that connects to my RGB set up at this point.

(Well, I am going to buy a GDEMU off ebay soon but thats about it).


The emergence of the MiSTer does coincide nicely with everyone’s plan to stop buying so much and play more.

Once the cores are there I’ll end up with a few for sure.


My wish list for mister is really bringing Arcade systems to the machine. Neo Geo and CPS 1-3 would just be it for me. Its funny, I was talking with Socks and most of the stuff I really enjoy on PCE, Saturn & DC are arcade games. The more 90s arcade on MiSTer the better. I know a lot of people love these older games but I grew up with them and like 2600 a lot of them are just too simple for me to go back to.

I am probably going to make an arcade only pi soon.


What controller(s) are you using? Asking mostly related to console cores as computer cores would likely use a KB/M.

In the past I’ve always felt like an OG controller is required to actually feel like I’m playing the original. I know there are USB NES/SNES/Genesis controllers and/or adapters, but do you change for each core?

I realize this is personal preference so you could possibly play multiple cores with the same controller.


I am actually using my 8bitdo controller right now, its not perfect but it works. There is a product called the LL Cool Joy that is coming for the MiSTer which I am waiting for.

Right now, I suppose you can use a raphnet adapter or a bliss box.

The 8bitdo option is good enough for the time being. Honestly, I just want to connect my fight sticks because most of the stuff I play are PC Engine shooter games.


Something I’ve been wondering about the MiSTer that I hope hasn’t been covered; how locked to this particular FPGA/Dev board is this project? Will any Cyclone V (or later Cyclone chip) board work? Does there have to be any specific ARM integration like the DE10 has?

Because if this stuff is all dependent on a specific bit of hardware and will require a lot of work/rework to port to newer hardware, it’s a lot less appealing.


@Bozo_Cyborg: SmokeMonster has said on stream it’s not locked to the DE-10 Nano.

Also the MiSTer project was also mentioned on the latest BombCast so I expect some more publicity soon.


Awesome. If that is the case and this is going to be portable to more powerful and accessible platforms, then it’s definitely something I’ll invest in once it’s more stable and if/when it surpasses software emulation options.


Ha, I had a sensible chuckle.gif at the LL Cool Joy name but that feature list is pretty impressive!

I have one of raphnet’s adapters already (SNES to GCN for Wii VC stuff). That’s what I was alluding to so I should have stated that.

Good stuff, thanks!


It’s not locked. As long as the FPGA supports the required hardware description languages then the cores can move to more powerful or larger FPGA in future. There’s still space on the MiSTer, and there’s still opportunity to optimise once it gets full so there’s no pending move to otOTG hardware.

The original MiST and MiSTer vary in their support of description languages, which is why there was not as direct a route from one to the other.

It’s more likely (though still not very likely) that the DE-10 will be discontinued before MiSTer gets tired of it.


I kind of wanted the NTT Data Keypad for all the extra buttons, but I like the convenience of wireless for a living room setup. I’m using the N30 Pro 1 and will probably pick up the new version of the SN30 Pro (G Classic version with the GB style d-pad).


Same here. Where I was previously on the fence about certain purchases like the Super SD System 3 and Mega Sg, I’ve ruled them out now that I have the MiSTer. I may start thinking about cutting down my console hardware setup… not selling anything necessarily, but putting away some of my stuff now that I have this little box with accurate and responsive hardware emulation.


For sure. I still want original hardware but I think my focus has shifted a bit. I want to get more portables now. Getting a RGB modded AV Famicom was top on my list for a long time. I also really wanted the Analogue SG but I’m extremely happy with the misters handling of Genesis and SMS that I’m starting to balk.

I love the NES but it’s a rarely played console for me. It’s basically my Mega Man machine for the most part as it seems that’s what I gravitate towards whenever I turn it on.

I have to find a way to keep me from menu cycling so much and just enjoy what I’m playing.

btw @Mega havr you used the ini file to edit the resolution yet? The raw image is actually a bit better than the Super NT.


Choice paralysis is easy to overcome! Research a game that comes recommended (good reviews or people you trust) and stick to it any time you play that system. I haven’t played N64 in a minute but any time I do fire it up, I’m committed to continuing my Rogue Squadron playthrough. Only move on if you don’t like the game after giving it a fair chance.

I did modify video mode to run at 1920x1080@60. It looks very nice. Next I need to set up the WIFI dongle so I can get auto updates to the cores.