Its more the new toy issue.

It happens when I get a new everdrive or a new PC. I install a bunch of stuff on it and I try everything out because I want to see how well it works (less so with everdrives). In this situation, it feels more like a PC because I am trying out things I never could before, things look better than they did before on my analog equipment.

Mainly, I have been sampling game gear and PC Engine as I don’t have either one right now. I was quite fond of game gear back in the day, even though I was a Nintendo kid, i loved my GG. I always wanted a TG16 so the fact that I fell in love with PCE all these years later is just awesome. Even if mister is 100% perfect, I know for a fact that I will end up with a PC Engine some day. I really want to get a PCE GT as I can play the rest on my mister.

I was going to buy an MSX2, C64, & X68000 but after using the MiSTer I’ve decided against it. For me, it’s not worth the time, maintenance and modding costs. I too have been looking at handhelds and plan to buy a Lynx, NeoGeo Pocket Color, and Wonderswan Crystal before summer 2020 as it’s hard to replicate the experience of holding them in your hands.


A MISTer in a good looking all-in-one keyboard case would totally do me. Like an Atari ST, Amiga, Archimedes, C64 vibe. But with modern nicer to use chicklet key caps.

Edit: of course somebody has already done it with an Amiga A600.

Yeah but MiSTER will probably never be able to run PC Engine CD games. So that alone makes me glad that I got my SSDS3.

Only thing that will make me buy a MiSTer is if Neo Geo works on it, and it seems that the current SDRAM board may not be enough for it to work per Furrtek.

actually it’s in progress

if you mean your actual physical CDs then that’s another thing


Yeah they totally think they can get the CD games running. The MiSTer is my PC Engine.


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This is huge!

I’m not plugging this Patreon but it does give a short update on neo geo cores. As in, they’re up and running.

It’s crazy how fast things are popping up for this thing.

I saw my name in the credits!!


Will you be running the NG in native resolution? If so, let me know how that goes - or really, how easy it is to do.

How long before somebody produces a console based off it? Equivalent to an Analog unit?

You can buy a 3D printed case essentially almost console-izing it, it has some limitations so it’s not an off the shelf product, but it’s a very DIY project all along anyway.

I’d think the eventual evolution of the unit would involve multiple and differing add-ons, depending on what you’re after.

FPGA tower of power.

I don’t know much about the actual hardware that analogue produces, but they could theoretically do the same. Although I think they’re doing fairly well with the one-offs units currently.

I think the Analogue machines offer a product for a different audience. I still intend on buying a SG even though I’m happy with the way the MiSTer runs Genesis games. I’m less interested in what they are doing with Game Gear now because the MiSTer has a great filter and Kevtris isn’t really into that sort of thing.

Speaking of Bliss-Box…

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Here’s a short URL, so it doesn’t get cut off by the forum.

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I read that somebody has sent José an X68000 and he plans to recreate it as a core! For me that’s just amazing news.