DSPs can process a heck of a lot of data in realtime but that doesn’t make their silicon extremely complex. I wouldn’t worry about it.


A little late tonight to get started but at least it’s assembled


Lol I’m a little jelly. Nice! I’ll have my add-on boards within three weeks I think.


It looks great! Where can you buy the add-on boards again?


Tinker-plunk was the guy. It looks like Rene from DB electronics is going to be making it too. Also, the best place to figure out who is selling at the time is to follow smokemonster on Twitter


Thanks! I can’t move on them until after Christmas but it’s good to know where to go.


I ordered IO board from this fellow who goes by the name of poobah on the Atari forums:

Although he’s currently out of stock of the IO board but in the process of getting more parts.

Earlier, before the above was made available, I order the SDRAM XS from Paradise Arcade Shop:


In Europe the best place to order seems to be http://www.retroshop.pt


So I played with my mister tonight. I have to give it up to Analogue for their work on their fpga consoles. The io board is pretty loud as the fan is always running and i did notice some glitches with a few of the cores. I think i am going to put it away for a while and let some more updates come down the pipe.


That’s interesting. The noise would put me off and I’ve never seen it mentioned before, so thanks for the warning.

Regarding the MiSTer cores, there are daily updates. A list of the latest cores, updated hourly, is at: https://github.com/OpenVGS/MiSTer-repository/blob/master/repo.json

AFAIK the goal is for the device to keep itself updated over the network. But it’s not there yet.


Pretty sure you can buy quieter 40mmx40mm fans than the ones the I/O board makers are providing. Undervolt to make it run slower too etc. Ideally it could be shut off when not running Minimig and a0486 but I don’t know if MiSTer has control over the power jumpers the fan is running off.

Regarding glitches, report the bugs, please. Lots of bugs get fixed but testing is essential. Kevtris’ stuff also ships with bugs but he has a legion of testers reporting bugs so they get fixed.


Played around with some more tonight, definitely think the HDMI is a little soft. I’m going to need to pick up a scart cable for this thing (and a quiet fan). I really dig the custom pallets for fba. It has bivert and dmg. I love both.


DSP support heading to SNES core.


I found a custom filter option you can do on some cores. I hope soon they will update the GB to be 7x7 instead of some weird 5x (in 4:3 ratio).


I was wondering about 15khz support, and apparently it can be native to most of the arcade cores. I don’t know if that means it’s just a change in setting for other cores.


So the MiSTer is basically some advanced FPGA that’s nearly as accurate as a console?


Pretty much.

Simulation happens at a hardware level.


That’s cool, I should look into this more.


It has the potential to be a more powerful piece of hardware than some of the other popular FPGAs out there, but that is still entirely dependent on the quality of its cores.

In my limited reading, there are some naysayers who doubt being able to match the analogue cores even with more computing power to play with.

I don’t really know enough to counter that.


Yes, and depending on what you want to spend. You can get HDMI and analog output.


I think the community will keep chipping away. Here is the thing, kevtris doesn’t really work on the Mini or Super NT anymore. The SG will be the same once he starts working on the next thing (ps1 or plastic NES imo)

We are likely going to see special chip integration on the MiSTer for snes. The cores will get better as they attract more people to the project. The Pi community may even see this as vaible, albiet more expensive, platform.