What headphones do you game on?

I just grabbed a pair of these bad boys.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 (otherwise known as the HD1). They’re the wired, around the ear model in ivory. (They also have an on-ear model and wireless versions too). They look super retro and sound really darn good.

It’s got a mellow, warm sound with rolled off highs which I like (although they may not be everyone’s cup of tea). They still have a nice crunchy bite to them when listening deep digging bass lines and guitar riffs, but it’s non fatiguing and never overemphasized like in other headphones/speakers.

I’m very happy with them for the times where I can’t use my speakers (e.g. when the gf is sleeping or studying).

So, how about you all? What’s your headphone of choice?

I use the AKG K240 they are great plugged into an amplifier and are semi open which I prefer as they don’t make you ears feel tired (If that makes sense) but maybe not so good if someone else is trying to sleep nearby.

They are light and comfortable and were quite cheap, only downside is that they really need to go through some sort of amp to get good performance, they do work on phones and Gameboy etc but there’s better options available.

That looks really comfy. I love straps that are set up like that.

Watching this thread. Really interested in getting some sort of dedicated “gaming” headphones (as in headphones to use for gaming, not gamer headphones). I could continue to use my DT880s or HD650s, but I feel there has to be a better options for just gaming instead of listening to music.

I’m on the Audio Technica ATH-M40x.

It having detachable cables make it comes in handy for different situations and I’ll be using them for a long while!

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Grado’s SR325e headphones. I really like the sound of these and they are comfy on the ears even though the sponge feel cheap. These are light but it’s bulky looking. They are open-back so music just leaks and anyone can hear what you are listening.

I’ve never spent this much on headphones before so I can’t really compare the sound but these feel right in the way neither tone, mid range, or bass over powers the other and the rhythmic timing sounds on point, not dull or disengaging. Hopefully they will last.


I have the non-foldable, 1.0 Over-ear Sennheiser Momentum. I can agree that they have a great sound.

These are classics, @Piggychan. Definitely, they’ve got a cult following and deliver a highly regarded sound. You chose well.

The more time goes on the more I’m convinced I must have accidentally left my Momentums in our car when it got stolen…

Those look really nice though, maybe I should buy some to replace the stolen ones.

I have 3 over ear headphones but very very rarely use them.

Sennheiser HD598, Corsair Void Pro RGB SE, Polk Audio 4 Shot (XB1).

Nice. I have used the SR60s at home for years (PC and retro gaming)

And Yamaha EPH100 in-ear headphones on the go for a few years now (music, handhelds)

For my Xbox One:

Otherwise I have some cheap. official , wired Xbox One headphones that I just pull out for my PS4 or when the battery goes out on the ones above. If I’m bothered I dig out some good sounding Audio Technica’s like @Timu321 has, don’t like the chunky wire though.

You can use different wire for it though, like a straight wire that’s cleaner like this one:

This is what mine came with.

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I use my around-the-ear Sennheiser HD265 Linear headphones which I’ve owned since 2002. I like them because they block outside sound well and have pretty even frequency curve reproduction with clean bass. They also have a very long cable which is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.

I’m looking to get some new headphones (can’t find mine, have decided they were probably in the car when it was stolen earlier this year, even though I can’t imagine leaving them in there) …

I’m primarily thinking of getting the wireless Momentum 2 similar to yours @Peltz as I previously had red on-ear Momentums and loved them, but I need some more convincing to drop that kind of cash…

I heard you cannot turn off the noise canceling on those. So it’s something to keep in mind.

I love the wired version though.

Eek, I got some ordered anyway. A local store had one left in stock on a good sale and that ivory is just so damn nice.

I’ll post some impressions here when they arrive!

Nice! Enjoy. I’m sure they will be awesome.

They just shipped. I’m way more excited than I should be :sweat_smile:

Nah… be excited!!! New toys are fun