NES/Famicom Appreciation Thread - Playing With Power, Then and Now


I’m slowly, slowly getting all the non-silver Konami/Ultra/Palcom releases (already have a complete silver box set)

So many are US exclusives and I’m sick of playing ridiculous global shipping program extortion, I should do some trades or something for the cheaper games like Qbert and Skate or Die.


Contra Force - nice CIB get. You are truly a Konami super fan, sir.


Basewars is a legitimately fun game.


I rented Basewars and loved it. I should definitely get that into my collection.


I didn’t get all of these recently, just posted all I have. The new one is Monster in my Pocket.


Damn, I gotta get me a repro Batman box. Looks fantastic!


Batman Returns has a hologram logo thing on the cover.

This is pretty amazing

How do these things keep turning up?


Kid Dracula proto?




Dammit I bought a Dynamite Batman box with missing insert (it’s a hard case like all that era of Sunsoft games) and now I can’t find any decent quality art to replace the insert with. Real legit game (you can’t make a repro of it anyway as it uses special chips), real legit Sunsoft box, just wanted to make it look nice again. Sigh.

There’s a guy on ebay who sells cases with inserts, but they’re the wrong size, some dodgy universal size.


I’m largely quitting buying stuff for a while, but these turned up from a while ago, largely driven by my small box collecting.

Nuts and Milk is a pretty good platformer… Not sure what you call the ‘single screen platformer genre’.
It’s very much that ‘Lode Runner’ genre, while some may say puzzle platformer, the puzzle element is so light as to be non-existant. I mean are Donkey Kong/DK Jr a puzzle platformers? You have to be strategic

Dragon Quest III is Dragon Quest III. I always meant to get a copy since it was the game I first heard about Japan’s crazy lines and kids skipping school for games, in a magazine article all those years ago. Finally grabbed a copy of that legend.

Jenny is an odd one, but very good. Essentially an adventure game with exploratory platformer elements. Not top tier but solid and cute.

And Valkyrie is a Zelda clone. Kinda a bit scabby, but decent. It comes with a huge map too!


Nice. I’d love to have a CIB set of those early numbered Namco games. N&M is on my list, too.


Any differences between Dynamite Batman and western Return of the Joker?


Not that I know of, just Dainamaito Baatoman on the title screen!


Ok, thanks!


A great article on the influential NESticle emulator


I just beat the Grim Reaper from the 1st Castlevania without holy water/sub weapons and it was also my 1st time ever beating him…it was insane, lol.


Wow, just thinking about things like NESticle and Zophars Domain takes me back to some halcyon college days.


Nesticle was the first emulator I used. I was blown away by it.


Same here.