New002's Boring AF YouTube Channel [Playthroughs, No Commentary]


I’m looking forward to this sword!


Both games are worth a play through, but I found the SNES version to be the better game overall. The Genesis version has some great things going for it, but i was less frustrated and had more fun on the Nintendo side. Because of that opinion, its how I acquired my tag.


Two uploads today

(SNES) TMNT: Turtles In Time Co-Op Playthrough [60FPS]


Thoughts/Musings (Also in video description)

A classic Konami beat-em up. I’ve been playing this game casually since it came out. The fact that it can easily be beaten in one sitting means it’s a popular choice when friends want to play something.

The use of Mode 7 during neon night riders and in the foot soldier screen throw mechanic is still awesome to me.

I’m interested to see how the Genesis version compares!


(GEN) TMNT: Hyperstone Heist Co-Op Playthrough [60FPS]


Thoughts/Musings (Also in video description)

I grew up with an SNES and so I had never played Hyperstone Heist prior to this video…only Turtles in Time…so it was interesting to note the differences and similarities.

The inclusion of a run button initially threw me for a loop but after about 10 seconds I loved it. The run button really sped up the combat when compared to Turtles in Time, where you have to hold the direction for a bit until the character starts running.

The level structure was really interesting as well, where what would have been multiple levels in the SNES version instead flow into each other to create these kind of multi-stage levels. Definitely jarring coming from Turtles in Time.

The audio was very Genesis of course. More of a chiptune type vibe going on. The voice work for the Turtles was tough on the ears through the Genesis.

Overall I really enjoyed the game and will be playing more of it in the future.


You don’t enjoy cinematic 6fps?

It’s honestly amazing how poor some of the gameboy games were now that our expectations have changed. I tried to play a couple games recently on my original brick gameboy and between the terrible screen refresh rate and the slowdown in certain games, I’m amazed I used to be good in some of those games.


It’s impressive how terrible the OG GB screen is with that ghosting. I’m amazed I could play it for hours on end as a kid. Backlighting and biverting helps with that though.


Agreed, one of the old ones I was trying to replay were the old donkey kong land games and I’m not sure how I used to see anything that was going on with some of the crazy timed jumps you have to make. It literally feels like you’re playing blind with how bad the screen is. It’s been years since I had played it so wasn’t expecting that at all.


Have any plans for more playthroughs?


That I do, but retro game are on the back-burner for now. Game time will become more limited come week and I’m on a PC backlog mission starting Monday.

Next time I have a friend over though I’d like to get a Pirates of the Dark Water SNES recording.