Nice job Book Off

Seems legit.

I can’t make out the decimal points, eyes must be going funny

They’re not really there. The last two digits are cents though.

I just find it interesting that there’s no science behind their pricing. 3 copies of the same game, each with a very different price.

Also, this is the most common nes game out there. It should never be 30 bucks.

Yeah, that makes no sense. The extra value of Duck hunt actively hurting the price vs solo Mario Bros. wut

The labels on labels…I hope they’re easy peal

Man, the first time I was in NY Book Off (2013 or so) I bought several JP PSP games for peanuts. Also bought several manga art books and a full set of JP Bastard!! Manga.

Last time I went there (2017), the retro section was really meager, but bought some cheap manga.

The impression I’ve always gotten with Book-Off (at least those in Japan) is they don’t have any chain-wide pricing system for individual pieces of software, so sometimes you can get outrageous prices on common games as highlighted in the first post, and in this Book-Off in Fukuoka (years later they got their act together though):

But it also leaves the door open to some bargains too.

I wish I knew Book Off in my city had games before it closed down. Looking from the outside, they weren’t visible.

Yep, I remember reading that blog. You get all sorts of random bargains and ripoffs depending on who was at the desk when they were valued.

I bought mario/duck hunt from a stack at funco for 25 cents in 2001. They couldn’t give them away.

I remember when Funcoland offered $0.01 for Super Mario Bros. If I remember correctly they sold it at the time for $0.49 or $0.99.