Old gaming websites that have stood the test of time

manual copy and paste… I was told by John Szczepaniak


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Inspired by this thread, I searched for my first gaming site that I visited back in the mid-90’s, and it still exists (also looks pretty much the same), The Magicbox.

I totally forgot about Magic Box.

I decided to see if Jose Q’s Emuviews still exists and it does.

It was a rom site back in the day but since it doesn’t host roms anymore and just lists what they once had, it should be okay to link to here.

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Crikey I can’t remember that far back.

Gamefaqs was one of my first regulars. Usenet newsgroups. IGN.

I’d have to do some serious brain massaging to try to recall some others. I may be a while.

I like the fact he modernized it (hardcoregaming101). Made the site responsive and made it work better in modern browsers. The old one was all 90’s, which I admit, has it’s charms, but not really in terms of readability and navigation. It looked like he didn’t even use a database and changed all the pages manually? Not 100% sure if that was the case, but it was really basic and a pain to update I can imagine.

By the looks of it he moved everything to Wordpress and he bought or build a theme. I’m not exactly a fan of the theme, but I guess it does what it should do. At least another migration in the future will be a lot easier with Wordpress… Still I love the articles!


Yes he did it all manually. I offered to write a tool to aid the conversion/migration but it fell on deaf ears as he’d already begun the process.

I would have made sure to preserve the old URLs and make them redirect to the new pages. As it is all the old URLs died with the way it was done.


Same here and the annoying video ads make looking at the site on a phone really inconvenient.

Unfortunately, in the last few years they’ve cut out almost all of the content, but you can still go to


and see the PS2 and Xbox banners that were on the Capcom Fighting Evolution webpage