Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!

1cc’ed the first loop of Batsugun Special on Saturn! boy am i rusty

**image **

Playing the saturn version really cements my opinion Special is the definitive way to play the game. OG’s uncomfortably big and unclear hitbox feels at unease with the proto-bullet hell design, which makes things like Madzella and the first half of Stage 3 a pain, and the extra loops more than make up for the buffs that make Special easier.


SHOCK PRICE 500 花札 (1997, Sony Music Entertainment)

The King of Route 66. Ported by Tose and based on the arcade game from Sega AM2.

I really enjoyed this despite its one-note gameplay. Every level involves you getting from A to B across a section of America’s Route 66, but the course design is generally fantastic, and the cheaty AI opponents encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for shortcuts and never get complacent about using your limited nitrous reserves.

It’s good a lot of silly character too, and at 2-3 hours running time (including many restarts) the main arcade game never outstays its welcome.

I also finished Fantasy Zone after finally figuring out how to destroy the last alien that father OpaOpa dispatches. Great game but that last boss is a minor blotch with its forced trial and error approach to defeating it.


Still the best.
I love the mastery of the open world with oldschool crafted mechanics, the perspective of the visual so absorbing and dreamy, the childhood and time theme in many layers and consequently the magic.


The level design is superb too. Every location feels authentic to its visual theme once you went inside.


I 1cced Thunder Force V (by the skin of my teeth too)!

A real mixed bag. it has a fantastic sense of style and thunder force’s white knuckle feel but the scoring system being built entirely around Free Frange has a lot of negative repercussions toward the rest of the game. the rest of your arsenal feels superfluous, bosses get slaughtered before they can really do anything and the levels are flat, lacking much in verticality and obstacles.


Nice, congrats man!

Policenauts on the Saturn, bought a english translated repro:

Shameless link to my blog review:


I haven’t completed many retro games in ages since I always get distracted with other modern games. However I did managed to get myself to complete the pc engine version of Sorcerian.

I wonder why Victor changed the dragon from the original pc8801 version to this…


Finally got around to finishing Dragon Quest 1 last night (other titles completed in the series are DQ V DS and DQ VII 3DS, currently playing XI on Switch). For my first time playing through the game I chose a fan translation of the SFC remake (Team Brasil) which I loaded on my SNES Classic even though I have the GBC remake and recently downloaded the Switch version (yikes at those mobile “flash” style visuals), the updated SNES sprites and music are just so nice.

I really enjoyed it, sure it’s “primitive” by today’s standards (not to mention in comparison to other games in the DQ series), but it was still a lot of fun and completing that final battle on the Dragon Lord was surprisingly satisfying. It was also fun just experiencing it as the game which set the standard for all the major JRPGs to follow as I’d been following the series casually from afar for many years until finally playing my first DQ title about 4 years ago (DQ V DS).

And now for a brief segment we’ll call “fun with fan translations:”


River City

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Also did it again on the original Kunio version. Didn’t realise it was really almost completely identical apart from the outfit changes, exact same layout and order.




I’m playing through the nes version now. It’s my first real DQ experience and I’m having a great time with it.

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Finished Ginga Force’s story mode on, erm, easy difficulty this evening. I loved how even on Easy the later levels in the game are no cakewalk. Superb final boss battle, and leading chapter toward it, I’m amazed Natsuki Chronicle’s chapter 9 was just as good despite being extremely different in design.

Next stop: last two chapters on Normal difficulty.

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I 1cc’ed Blast Wind!


I’d need to play it more before I can really say if it overtakes Batsugun as my favourite vertical shmup, but I AM IN LOVE. So much balls to the wall action, awesome spritework, and that soundtrack!


Kirby’s Adventure, NES

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I really like the progression from dude being kicked and making a face to “THE END”

Looks gorgeous on that display! First time I’ve seen the game off a CRT actually.

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Thanks. It’s a 32-inch FV310. I love it.

I beat Dragon Warrior on NES!!! That last boss was tough and took a few hours of grinding.

I am going to grab DW2 on NES and keep this train rolling. I really want to see how this series evolved.


What would you estimate your total playtime?