Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


Timely finish here. I’m not sure I ever played this game before. I have some memory of it and yet none at all. I played the hell out of RE1 to the point I got the rocket launcher. I need to buy some new memory cards because I noticed I filled up my last card with RE2.

Anyway, I’m surprised how well this game held up. Now I am going to try a Leon Run and then I feel like I can play RE2 Remake.

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Wow, some great games listed in here. @harborline_765 and Parish’s VB Works series are really making me want to drop necessary money on a Virtual Boy…



Hanafuda Koi-Koi
developer: 1994 KIN SOFT
publisher: MSX-FAN magazine
MSX 2+ (via RetroArch fMSX on N3DS)



Finished the best Virtual Boy game - if seeing the credits counts as finishing it!

If you score over 50,000,000 points on any table in Galactic Pinball the credits will play after you enter your high score in. I managed it on the UFO Table, which is the smallest but offers the fastest gameplay.

I still won’t be satisfied until it feels like I mastered all the tables…this is a game I can keep coming back to and the 3D effects still impress me three weeks later.

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Just finished Cortex Strikes Back after 20-odd years of not getting round to it. I overall enjoyed it even though I hate to admit the final boss took me a few goes to actually beat (had difficulty catching up to him and avoiding the asteroids due to the godawful flying controls).

But hey at least it’s better than the original Crash where the platforming is a bit too tight and the camera doesn’t really give you a good idea of the perspective of some of the narrower environenments. Oh and the saving. Thank God they changed the save system in the sequels…



I’ve been playing a lot of Densha de Go Pocket (Chuo Line version) while travelling. You see the credits every time you complete a route of your choosing in true arcade style.

So I thought after doing over a dozen routes, some of which were full runs from Takao to Tokyo and vice versa, that it’s a candidate for this thread.

If you complete a full run you get a rather cool video showcasing the train you were just riding on. I arrived at Tokyo from Takao 8 seconds early.

Soundtrack is excellent where it is sparingly used - I need to check up the composers.



Randomly turned on Arcana Heart in the evening just as an excuse to play with the Namco Stick. Wasn’t expecting to get through arcade mode out of tiredness but I couldn’t put it down!

I find the game to be pretty unique. You’d think the moe aesthetic would mean a less technical fighter since the game could sell on characters and visuals alone but it has an interesting flow to it, you can’t just pick it up and be half-competent either. The soundtrack is also quite atypical.

I guess the modern equivalent is Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, which isn’t particularly remarkable.

I really like the frontend to the PS2 port as well. All the menus for the additional modes and gallery screens all look like they belong from the arcade game, and their transitions have been well programmed. It’s a stark contrast to the latest version of the game on PC/Vita, whose menus are not only very ugly but look nothing like the arcade game’s.





Wow. Memories!



R4 on expert today. What a phenomenal Grand Prix mode. Like I mentioned in the other thread I’m really glad I gave it another look. The NeGcon elevates the handling characteristics and there’s a lot to appreciate about the course design.

One thing that I noticed was, on returning to Ridge Racers 2 and its type 4 event, how boring those courses felt to play with modern Ridge Racer handling. You don’t have to anticipate much, like when to brake or start drifting, or, what angle to enter a corner. Just tap the accelerator to enter a rigid drift line and every corner is a cinch if you can keep the car aligned. More vicious AI and nitrous battles make up for the autopilot-like drifting but it is an eye-opener.



Finished Teleroboxer!

I was not expecting that credit sequence - as soon as the game entered first person again and showed the Teleroboxer’s fists I knew it was going to be something special. But I didn’t expect it to show the dev team getting punched up!

These credits really need to be watched though - there’s only so much poorly taken static photos of the display can convey here. (link should timeskip)

Had a grin on my face the entire time. Didn’t realise the game was from
Team Deer Force (Super Metroid) either. Some of the Super Metroid team also worked on Galactic Pinball.


The Nintendo Virtual Boy |OT| Batteries Not Included

Just finished God of War 2 on the Vita. Great game, poor port on the system due to forced touch screen controls… Glad I’m done with it so I can focus on other games I’m playing! :wink:



I didnt know there was a vita port for it



Finished Ridge Racer V on Normal. I can see myself returning for hard difficulty - it seems like you miss out on a few GPs if you play on Normal.

Does anyone know if you have to start a completely new game to switch to Hard difficulty? I’m worried I’ll lose my recorded progress if I do.



Make a backup of your save game!?



Discovered Lords of Thunder yesterday, what an amazing game. Was playing on PC Engine, but had to do some maintenance on my controller, so I ended up swapping to the Sega CD version and zoomed through it.

Water Armor is OP!



Love that game. Easy enough for me to beat without dying much and it has a bunch of cool and different looking powerups. Also really liked how good it felt to be able to kill something super fast with the close range swording if you knew their patterns.

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Yeah, I suck at Shmups so I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I beat the game. The short range attack is unreal.



Finished Speedthru: Potzol’s Puzzle on 3DS. I think it’s called Thruspace: Ketzal’s Corridors in North America.

It’s a bit like that hole in the wall game where contestants have to pose in different shapes to move forward, only you play animated Tetris-like blocks which can be rotated along several axis with the face buttons and triggers.

It runs at a silky smooth 60fps and the 3D effect is amazing - the levels require good spatial awareness of the Tetris-style piece that you have to rotate.

I’ve been playing it on and off over the course of over six years - it feels good to finally finish it!

One of the last second party games of its type on 3DS before Nintendo severed ties with many smaller developers for this kind of thing.



ROFL there’s a japanese game show that does this… and the results are absolutely hilarious.