Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


Now go beat SML2 if you haven’t already.


I love Super Mario Land! Such a unique and interesting take on Mario! Developed by Gunpei Yokoi’s Nintendo R&D1. Directed by Yokoi, “father of the Game Boy.” Good stuff.


I love the pseudo shmup sections… So fun


The Land series was great for that, and I wish they continued with them. Something was always a little “off” about them, but back then I didn’t even realize or care.


Posted this on discord but might as well put it here!

1CC’d Final Fight on PCB. :wink:


That’s no joke!


Didn’t know such a thing was possible.


Thanks guys! Here’s the capture of the run if you want to check it out! :smiley:


Related to this months game!


This is retro right?

Now to get the best ending…


Nice… I got about half way through that. I need to go back to it.

I finished one today too.


64th Street. A kind of funny but definitely bullshit arcade beat em up. 17 quarters


Nice work!


Just conpleted this obscure Nes-game:


Great game!


Finished Aladdin on Sega Genesis right under the wire for March Game club. Will post some impressions in that thread soon, and might try to beat the SNES game tomorrow.


That’s a gaming achievement to be proud of. Good work!


Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories counts, right? It’s a port of a 10 year old remake of a 14 year old game… nevertheless, I’m proud of finishing it considering I had to play through the game twice to get both endings!


Been a long time since I played this, but decided to replay Umihara Kawase this evening… Such a fun game!


I need to spend more time with that game. Right now I can’t do anything with the fishing rod!