Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


I suck at that game but really dig it.


Yeah, wrapping your head around and learning how to control the physics of the game is the biggest “trick” with Umihara. The game usually presets you with a couple different paths you can take to clear a stage, so there’s always more than one way to beat it. Even if you see how I did the last stage, I basically just skipped over the entire thing simply by knowing how to get the physics to work for me. Brilliant game, and even when you beat it one way it’s fun trying to clear all the different paths!


It’s been a long time coming, but I finally finished SMB1 without using warps. I am probably way too pumped about this… Rofl.


Most recent game I cleared was Trails In The Sky FC. I’d been chipping away at it for a long time, finally cleared it though.


Played through Virtua Cop today. Had to crank the credits up to 9 as I’m out of practice. Still fun to run through.


Cleared Berserk Millennium Empire Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War on PS2. It’s a severely underrated PS2 gem that actually gives justice to the Berserk manga (for the chapter it contains at least) and it’s the only decent Berserk game out there. Although it’s a japanese exclusive game, there is an english translation patch which I used to play the game.


Just like the movies I enjoyed Empire more, but this one was slightly easier. My brain took sometime getting used to the Death Star Run but I was able to pull it off. I really enjoyed the 3 games back in the day.


Just finished Castle Of Illusion on the Master System. Really great game, not too tough.

Probably my new favorite platformer on the system.


This game is so underrated and I really love it!


This game is tough but I’m surprised I beaten it, I did way better on this run than ever before.


Finished a bunch of NES games this week (Rescue Rangers 1 and 2,Castlevania,Ninja Gaiden,Darkwing Duck,Gargoyles Quest). Been using save states at the start of the level and at the boss to save on some frustration. I’m finding the games much more enjoyable that way. The japanese version of the Ninja Gaiden games are set that way from the start which is nice!


I love Alien Storm. The ending is great and is a classic Sega arcade ending, with the charactes dancing and happy-go-lucky music.

That last level can be so frustrating though, with the multiple paths. I think I got turned around on a couple playthroughs before finally resorting to a guide to get through the “easiest” path and beat the game.


When it comes to paths just pick the 1st one only and that’s pretty much the best way to get through it. Yeah the ending is great, I did a normal run and will also do a run on hard more.


Wow that’s quite a list for one week. Nice work!


Played Alien Storm back in the day when we had it as game of the month on the old board. Awesome game!


Tidy work on the NES games.

I completed Gimmick last night, and again today with a save state before the bosses.
I get the hang of the more difficult sections being able to grind them over and over, without having to play the whole level, or multiple levels again. It’s great for learning technique quickly.

I aim to be able to complete some of these NES/Famicom games without them.

BTW, Gimmick on Famicom is just so good. Some of the tricks that you can pull off with the star, and momentum physics is really satisfying. The Everdrive’s most recent firmware includes a Sunsoft 5b mapper, which sounds just great to my ear, running on an AV Famicom.

Literally SIX people developed this game, and three were listed as “special thanks”.
Just wow.

I also finally finished Metroid Fusion, from an old save from last year.
I think I was initially a bit put off by the hand holding, and general confining nature of the game’s design. I’d also come straight from 3-4 consecutive playthroughs of Metroid Zero Mission, which is infinitely more playable, and replayable.
Fusion’s bosses were more challenging, but suffers from too many flaws inherit to its story over game-play design.

Looks pretty good on a n3DS too, if a tad small.


Damn,thats a tough game! I want to tackle it eventually. I tried playing through Metal Storm this weekend and got to the boss rush at the end and gave up in frustration. Even with save states I couldn’t do it,I got too pissed off lol. I’m going through Kickmaster next then Ducktales 1 and 2.


Not that long ago when I finished Majoras Mask I was missing only one bottle! I looked through the guides but swore I had been to all the locations and I just couldn’t justify going back through every one to see which one I’d missed lol

Just completed Spyro 2, been replaying the trilogy since I don’t have a current gen console to purchase the re release on.


Hey Bodine,
Yes, Gimmick is tough, and I’m not above using guides for advanced techniques, and boss strategies for games like this.
For exampleGimmick speed run tutorials

I have given it a fair crack casually for quite a while now, so it was nice to finally plow through.

I mean to do the same with Castlevania 1 & 3, the Ninja Gaidens, and Rockman series.

Current gen remakes are a luxury for those who find the original graphics unpalatable.
Those polygons in 240p look just fine to me, as the art style suits it, and I’m sure the game play is just as tight as ever.

That said, I’d play the shit out of a Grand Turismo 2 remake. Games trying for realistic 3D environments on the ps1 just seem a little off to me these days. The jump in graphics to gt3 was great, but everything else just got a bit too ‘real’.


The original Spyro’s do look great still. From what I’ve seen on twitch, the new Spyro looks pretty amazing also.
We just don’t get those colorful, fantasy worlds on modern hardware anymore, and I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the new games if anyone hasn’t.