Post your Retro Setup in Here


Man this is a great blend of slick and homey. My dream is to one day have my retro room basically be a 90’s dream bedroom with everything period-accurate, and this is giving me some good vibes along those lines.


I like how the shelves on the right each have 2 consoles but the SMS takes up one by itself. You can’t even fit a Wii next to it like you can with the XBOX. :laughing:


Is that Sony an FS310?


Haha yeah it’s a little bit of beast. I <3 the SMS though.


No, it’s a 27FS320. I just gave away my 27FV300 yesterday actually. Techinically the change to this FS320 is a downgrade, but this one has a nice picture, and better geometry.

I got it from a nice old couple for free on kijiji, and it seems like it’s never been used. The remote is in perfect shape, and the TV even had those little blue shipping tape things on the bottom corners. They also had an original manual for it, which is crazy to me. I feel like I hit the jackpot on this TV.

Regardless, I will always keep my eye open for an FV310.

Thanks for the kind words guys, glad you like setup. I definitely like the old-school look to it, but storage space is a pretty real limiting factor here. I don’t want to grow my collection to huge proportions, but eventually I’ll have to have a separate shelving unit for the games, and use this one for the consoles only.


I love the entertainment center. Been on the lookout for a while for an 310 with the stand that was made for it but will probably go for one of those old wooden ones to hold everything if I can’t find one.


Yeah I would be tempted to change my setup if I found one of those stands… They are sexy AF.


Really digging this. Also that’s a lovely tv.

My set-up is basically complete so here we goooooo:


Awesome setups guys! I love when the entire setup is retro. When I refinished my basement I really debated about making the retro area full on 80s, shit carpet, shit couch, wood panel walls but the wife kind of shot it down.

I think I’m the only one on the board with a 310? I re arranged my setup yesterday to include it back in the mix!


I’m lucky enough to have my wife pushing as hard as I am for a real retro room. We’re going for arcade-like carpet, some tacky wallpaper, tons of 80s and 90s toys, walls plastered with magazine ads, and I’m planning on all period accurate AV gear as well. I’m not sure how it will turn out in the end but we are both really excited. Consoles will range from the 2600 up to OG Xbox and maybe 360+Wii.

@raskulous I have the same set. I’ve not seen a 310, but I the 320 is super sharp and I’m very happy with it. I ended up driving 3 hours round trip for mine from an older lady who must have used it very little, and I feel it was totally worth it. I have about a 15-20 other CRTs, pro and consumer, and aside from the color (which I have not tried to adjust past the normal menu), it’s just as good as any of the others given its size.


Awesome setup, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the wood paneling!


Yeah I can say without a doubt that this particular set is the best late model Sony I’ve seen. Not like I’m an expert or anything, but when I plugged this one in I could immediately tell it was in much better shape than the 8-10 others I’ve seen in the past few months.


Would love to get a 27 inch Trinitron in that FS300 line.

I need to take pics of my setup and post at this point. It’s ghetto but it works. I’d love to have a real room like some of you all, but it’s just never going to happen in my current house (which I will be in for many many years, mostly likely). It’s a space in my unfinished basement instead.


The end result is even nicer than I imagined. Sexy-ass game room.


You know I can’t wait to see your finished set-up :smiley:


Damn, two HSS-0130s, I see you.


Nothing wrong with that. Most people don’t even have a space at all. My last house, I was in the basement and was just thankful that my wife allowed me to stretch out and use the space.




I’ll have more to share in April.


Unfinished basement brothers! We’re moving within the next few months, and a finished basement is in the “must have” category. I’m stoked.