Post your Retro Setup in Here


Here’s an older pic of my in process kitchen arcade,lol. I had 4 of these in there at one point. Two had fully functioning CRT’s (after A-L-O-T of work) and these two I eventually put LCD’s in and redid the bezels to fit. They looked really nice all done up. They’ve all been sold off over the past year,just way too much maintenance them. I wish I had a pic of them all running but got alot of fun out of them.


Not into SCART? Looks like a cool game room setup in any event. All those monitors will make for a lot of variety in up-close pixel structures if you like to compare CRTs on the fly.


Looks great! I love the shadow boxes.


Arcade machines seem like so much work, but man do I want a Sega cab of some kind.


If you get one,save up and get one with a serviced monitor from a reputable dealer. You’ll pay alot more for it,but trust me buying cheap will be headache after headache.


No SCART here, I decided early on to stick with NTSC since I had a couple of nice switches already and most of the consoles I cared about had component available. At this point it’ll be cheaper for me to go full component than convert, so I’m soldiering on.

Edit: I have started to want a TG16/PCE pretty bad though, I am torn between getting one and going RGB, or just emulating.

Comparing CRTs is my jam, I love having options when it comes to the look of the output. This will also help in making comparisons to emulation, but mostly I’m one step closer to having a video wall like in my dreams!

@bodine1231 Duly noted, I have heard too many people complain about the crap they go through to get a good working cab to get a fixer-upper.


Looks like a solid plan. I have the same shelving unit for my retro consoles and CRTs. I needed three rows for my systems, so I brought all the shelves down. The CRTs at top rest on the bigger CRTs below. This also makes it so that they are closer to eye level and more comfortable to use. I had them too high before for regular use, something to keep in mind.

Excuse the cable mess and clutter (and the dogs’ stuffed animals). I just finished this and still cleaning up the aftermath from moving all my stuff into this space. I’m going to either hide the dozens of cables with some sort of backing (out of sight, out of mind) or look up a cable management solution, because I did my best to have them not zigzag or get tangled, but it’s impossible to have it look neat without fasteners/hooks/etc. Also looking for one big box to put all my controllers and accessories. I don’t like the open units hanging under the shelves… makes the entire setup look a lot busier than it is.


Storing controllers is still the biggest difficulty I have with Retro setups. I’ve got shit everywhere.


I don’t have a ton of controllers yet, but I have three mid-sized drawers in my entertainment unit that are full already. It works wonders, and I’m happy with the set up for now, but it will only get more difficult. I’ve seen people use those 3-drawer plastic tubs, and they seem to work pretty well… but personally I’m not a fan of the look of them.


That’s sweet, I love those baskets too, that’s be great for a receiver or VCR. I think it was pics of your setup long ago on GAF that actually turned me on to wire shelves in the first place. The strength, flexibility, and ease of assembly all all biggies for me.

I’ll make sure to dial in the height, the bulk of the action will be on the middle row, the smaller sets are mostly for comparison and feels.

The shelves should be here sometime this weekend or Monday. I’ve never been so excited for shelving, I’m starting to see where @Peltz is coming from.


Not a fan of those plastic drawers. I had one very similar to the one pictured for storing controllers and cables, and with just that the bottom drawers would always stick and get misaligned from the weight above warping and buckling the frame.


Yeah I have similar issues with those style drawers and my paintball gear.

For controllers I opted to go this route:


Cool setup for sticks and pads. Is that an original 8 button Astro City stick or a modded 6 button one?


Thanks! Top is original and bottom is modded with a blast city 6 button panel.


I have all my controller thrown into one of those, 80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toy boxes.


I’m a fan of those door-hanging organizers I’ve seen some people use for controllers. If you have room, something wall-mounted is a good way to go in general.

The shelves arrived today (much earlier than expected)! I’ll probably be occupied putting those together and wiring everything up tonight, it’s gonna be a bear.


Nice, gonna have to see some photos when it’s complete!


Great controller storage, @New002


Cleaned up a bit. One of the nephews playing Prime.

And testing them all just for fun… glad this didn’t trip a circuit breaker.


Damn… that is awesome