Post your Retro Setup in Here


Woah… °_°


You need a unit with draws. The you can just throw all the controllers I to the draw. That’s what I do :))


Helluva nice setup there.


fookin awesome

I would love to have that setup, but the girlfriend would kill me. 11 consoles, one crt and an HDTV seems to be my limit with her!!!


Pretty nice Mega. Though where’s Metroid Other M :wink:


Thanks, all. I’m envious of those of you with entire rooms or even spacious corners. Outside of spending a small fortune for those cool shelves @Peltz has and cutting back on heavy hardware, my options are limited. Some of the pieces I had my eye on can’t even hold the all the weight of the CRTs.

@BTails We had Other M out but the nephew had his fill of Metroid and moved on to Pikmin. Ideally should’ve had Prime on Wii and Fusion on the GB Player!

@Rich She has a lot of stuff herself so it’s only fair! And have gotten rid of half my monitors so it’s not quite as bad as before. She doesn’t love it and wishes it was in a separate game room (which we don’t have), but appreciates the effort to keep everything together and as organized as possible in a small footprint.


That controller solution is awesome. I wish I had the space for something like that!



I think I have that exact tv! :+1:


Okay, after much blood, sweat, and cursing, the largest part of my setup is complete! A few issues here and there I’ll address by the by, but overall I’m happy. Shout out to @Mega for showing how great wire shelving is for retro setups.

A few notes:

  • Still need to secure to the wall (that’s what those eye-bolts are for you can see in the last pic).
  • Need to lower the highest shelves a bit to shorten some gaps.
  • Had to switch out the 19" PC CRT for a 17" due to issues with the VGA adapter.
  • I need a few patch cables along with an S-video splitter to have all screens fed at once.
  • Having all of my monitors side by side has shown me a lot of adjustments I need to make.
  • Threw in some RGB because it’s the thing to do these days.

Nothing that can’t wait really, and all things that I can drop into the current setup easily.

Really digging it so far, I spent so much time setting up I was too pooped to play much beyond initial testing.


Yooooo that looks AWESOME!

Can I come over? :yum:


Man these multi tv setups are inspirational. Great job!


Oh man this is beautiful.


Normally I don’t like so many CRTs or that type of lighting. But when you combine the two, somehow it looks incredibly awesome!!! DAMN


Very nice! Is that the FS320? Same TV as me!

Looks great man, nice setup.


This gives me the



still the setup i’m after - neo-geo AES, and UNNECESSARILY LARGE SPEAKERS

wood out the floor & have a bar in the corner and baby, you’ve got a stew goin


The real star of the show is that couch.


Super cool. Really do love the mutli-CRT setups. They’re so … unnecessary. In a good way. Just over the top cool.


You getting inspired to switch up your setup?