Post your Retro Setup in Here


Yeah, love the posters.


Shit man,where in Louisiana? I’m in Gonzales,about 15 minutes from BR. Where’d you pick those Blasts up from? I had a couple myself! I know a guy down here that has a couple more but I’ll have to do some work on the monitor (not fun). Cool setup!


Nobody puts PVM in the corner!


I’m loving this. Those games were my childhood. The posters at least.


Yeah I was actually in BR for about ten months. Lived in New Orleans for about 15 years beforehand.

I got them through Windy City Gaming, who put together a large buyout of some arcade in japan. They shipped over through Vancouver to Chicago, where I arranged a truck to get them and bring them down south.

A lot of work moving them around over the years, I think I’m finally ready to let the two go up here in Louisville.


Dammit I would have bought them before you moved,lol! (only 11 hrs away…)


This isn’t really my setup but more of just a display i put together:

It has a bit of a long story if you’ll indulge me!

When i was a kid Super Nintendo was the first game system I got which was mine and so I loved it dearly. I accumulated a collection of about 25 games, played may more of my friend’s games and those from the rental shop. As the next-gen loomed though, with no way of saving up enough for a PS1, i did the unthinkable and traded the lot. The PS1 was great for a time but as N64 loomed… you know where this is going but that’s another story :smiley:

So very quickly i regretted the unavoidable circumstances leading up to the loss of my SNES collection. Some time around 2000 when my pocket money was that much more, i resolved to make good on my blunder by picking up the most memorable games again. In Australia, nice boxed copies of anything are virtually non-existent and so I took to Ebay to hunt out Super Famicom games, since I always loved their boxes!

I didn’t own all of these games back then but i’d played all of them except DKC2 and 3 one way or another:

Pilotwings: Picked this up not a couple months before I sold the lot. Never thought I’d like it enough to pay full price but by later it was cheap and a great buy!

F-Zero: Hired this out many a time, I don’t recall ever seeing it on shelves to buy though. It gave me a love for futuristic racing that lasts till today (in these dark times).

Super Mario Kart: Was pretty much a permanent fixture in my next door neighbour/friend’s console

Starfox: Which was called Starwing back then. I got this in a bundle after our first SNES was stolen in a robbery - i’d repurchased one the same day we got our insurance pay out!

Wild Trax: Stunt Race FX gets a bad rap nowadays but at the time it was pretty amazing. Side note: It still holds up, try beat my times:!

Yoshi’s Island: Christmas 1995, i’d asked for Fifa while my friend got this. Played all of world 1 at his house then made up a story about getting 2 copies of Fifa for christmas to return it and buy my own copy of Yoshi!

Super Mario World: Along with SF2, this was that game that endeared me to choose SNES in the first place. Well, SMB3 is mostly responsible, i had played that a lot at my aunties, but wanted the next thing instead!

Zelda: My very first import. I had played Zelda 2 at my friends house and absolutely hated it! But after years of reading magazines praising this game, I must have been missing out on something right? Long out of print, I found a US copy in a games shop and got a converter. I picked this up the day N64 was supposed to come out - my game shop’s shipment was delayed over the weekend and i was furious! But that quickly subsided once i started playing (by this time, my sister had gotten her own SNES for cheap). This was also the first game I picked up while actually in Japan. So in actual fact, I had sat on just 7 games for about 10 years, as other things came up that distracted me from Ebaying stuff!

Super Metroid: Hired this out soon after release along with Megaman X. At the time i much preferred X, having gotten stuck in SM’s vertical shaft where you have to freeze the enemies. But after returning them, I realized where to go, hired it again and it turned into probably my favorite game of all time. I guess I didn’t have the money to buy it though and so it wasn’t until a few years later that a friend got it and it really cemented itself, once we discovered speedrunning it before speedrunning it was a thing we knew of!

DKC: Who didn’t buy this haha. The hype was through the roof and we played it forever. Still recall the salt of my MD owning friends. 2 came out when I didn’t have money and 3 was too close to N64 for me to play them.

For the display, I originally wanted to have them encased in frames, in groups of 3 - Mode 7, Super FX, DKC, and The Masterpiece showcase! But that hasn’t happened yet cause I quite like this display and I can still pluck them out for a play every now and then.

The Super Famicom in the back, I got in 2005 on my first trip to Japan with my wife. In her local hometown, a toy store was selling it still new for just 3500Y. It’s been kept in the box unused until we moved here a couple of years ago. My Amiibo collecting is scattered and so I just have the few out that kind of align with something :smiley:

Super Mario World was the last game I picked up to complete this lot, which is kind of fitting since it was the first game I had originally. It’s something easily available at auction but I waited and waited till I found one I could judge in person, and a month or so ago I found a great sample for just 400Y! In my excitement I didn’t check the cart inside and it was almost brown lol. But i found a new clean cart just this weekend to replace it.

This pretty basic display, being almost 20 years in the making is kind of bittersweet to finish! So my next resolve is to fill it out with some of the Konami and Capcom gold from the 90’s - some have memories and others will make new ones. They’re pricey enough that i’ll probably be back here in another 20 years for that one!


Yeah I think a lot of us have a similar story of selling a system lot to get the newest thing. My family sold our NES and about 30 games for a Super Nintendo.

I’ve heard mention of a way to run Stunt Race FX with a better frame rate somewhere around here. I can’t remember though.


I traded in far too many games to grab a PS1. Fortunately, I’ve been able to reaquire them all over the years. I’ll never remake that same mistake again.


There’s videos on YouTube of Stunt Race FX with a better framerate, i assume it’s either overclocked carts or emulation. I know for certain that even normal emulation can produce vastly different times to a real cart. The actual cart itself is quite an oddball when it comes to timers and speed. If you watch some of my record videos you’ll see the actual time doesn’t match up with the in game timer. And the PAL version can achieve substantially faster times than the NTSC version, as if somewhere along the line they completely botched the conversion.

Another game I play is like this as well, Wave Race Blue Storm. PAL times are again much faster because the game itself runs significantly faster (such that it’s much harder to play on PAL). Then strangely, things like the 3-2-1 countdown at the start are noticeably slower than NTSC! Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with this kind of crap anymore!


Added a newly capped 1954q to the mix.


Killer setup


Nice! What’s that below the N64? Is it a PS2 or PS3?


PS2,its not even hooked up though,I barely use it.


I’m finally part of the 4K revolution :stuck_out_tongue:
Got this Toshiba 4k 50 inch screen for my birthday. Seems to handle 1080p to 4K just fine too.


Been re-arranging my setup. I don’t think I’ve really posted about it since the old-site days.

Problem I had before is that I have this open concept house with a very open basement – tons of space but it’s difficult to use it efficiently since there’s not so much wall space. No before pics, but just use your imagination that things were kind of getting out of control with 21 consoles, 3 PCs, and a whole whack of games.

Main objective here was to reduce the amount of space I’m using for all this stuff but keep all 21 consoles hooked up plus a modern PC and two retro PCs, and still have space to keep all my games on shelves without boxing anything up.

Sorry all the photos are kinda dark, I don’t have great lighting in here and am not much of a photography person.

First the TV setup:

(you can really see how I keep my mess in order in the last one; doors hide things very well and the left two doors hide most of the power setup and switches)

I used to have another Ikea Kallax shelf to the right of this already large TV stand to hold about 1/3 of my consoles. The biggest thing here was mounting my TV to the TV stand, which made some actual space to store the Frankengenesis and some other consoles beneith it.

Next is the shelves:

Bright idea here was having them at a 90 degree angle to each other in the underutilized hallway portion of this space. This got them out of the way, away from direct sunlight, and I think it looks rather nice despite one of the shelves kinda floating there rather than being up against a wall.

Immediately behind the shelves is my retro PC station:

Two PCs to span mid-80s DOS up to mid-2000 Windows XP, with an MT-32, SC-88, some decent speakes, and a proper CRT monitor to go along with it. I really wasn’t satisfied with running DOS games on an LCD so it was essential for me to keep that aspect in tact.

The main thing I’ve done here is move my modern PC off to be connected to the TV with no permanent desk and use this relatively small desk for the retro PCs. So instead of two desks eating up space I have one again sorta tucked out of the way.

So yeah still not the super cozy space I’d like to have but at least I have cleared quite a bit more space for my 2 year old to run around.


Nice! I have the same TV setup but in black (wish I went white since my basement is kind of dark and it would lighten it up). Did you buy the intermediate shelves on the left column from Ikea as well or were those DIY? I have been thinking of ading them (as well as some doors).


I did that as a DIY. Got a single white laminated fibreboard shelf that I cut into three 13-ish inch pieces and mounted with some really cheap L shaped metal braces.


Really nice setup!


Looking good @poptart

Great setup