Post your Retro Setup in Here


Love seeing space-conscious setups. Reminds me of being a kid and just having my cramped little room to work with.


That Extron is ridonkulous, I love it. Those speakers too, look like Yamaha HS5?

I’m currently moving my primary setup to a bigger room–or rather, everything is moved (finally got to add a PC to the mix for emulation), I’m just putting off wiring everything up because it’s such a time sink. I am going to take the time and do it right this time though, I have 100 velcro cable ties and plenty of extra cabling ready and waiting! I am also looking for casters for my shelves to make moving things out for tweaks easier.


Thanks, I love the extron… It’s a 16x8 with audio. I’m still working on getting everything running through it.

The speakers are Yamaha NS-10 monitors. I got them for free from a friend, and learned later that they’re worth about $600 - $800! Paired with a powered sub, they sound amazing for retro gaming.


How do you guys handle electricity use. I leave most of my consoles unplugged because I don’t want them using electricity when not in use.


I just turn the main power strip on or off.


It’s nothing to brag about, but it’s a start. The backend is totally crap at the moment since my goal was to at least get the consoles in order. Everything not HDMI or the Wii is running composite at the moment, and very cheaply. Once I acquire a Framemeister or (more likely) an OSSC I’ll start working on getting the video quality bits in order, like RGB.


Welcome to the site. Looks like a neat and tidy setup and fun place to play. Really like the way you store your controllers too.


Did some rearranging of my retro corner today. I put the PVM in the corner and I’m really liking it so far.


Rogue 9" PVM hides, appears, hides


Metal Slime has fled.


Killer setup! Love the signs.


So clean, I love it. Makes me (almost) wish I had fewer screens to worry about.


That’s a phenomenal use of the over the door shoe rack. I have one of those that’s not in use that I can do that with! Thanks for the idea!


Thanks! I was looking into good storage solutions because before hand, I just threw them all in a little Ikea felt container bursting at the sides from being filled, and if I wanted to get a rarely used controller I’d have to rummage through it. I saw the recommendation on a YouTube video and aside from bigger controllers (OG Xbox, Dreamcast, probably the 3d saturn controller) it fits great.


Looks great! I love the controller drawer in the last picture. It really helps to have everything organized and easy to play.


Thanks, I originally got them for light gun and arcade stick storage. The bottom ones hold ac adaptors and av cables as well.


Spent the weekend redoing the spare room from a little movie theather/projector setup to retro game room.


That’s looking really awesome! Nice work… Makes me want to invest in lighting and posters.


Great posters! Did you have them printed, or buy them somewhere?


I bought a bunch from this ebay seller. They came out pretty good. They look better farther away because they are just blown up scans but the ink and paper quality is top notch. Im gonna rotate them out every month or so.